Wednesday, 11 June 2014

10 Weeks of "My Week With"

Earlier this year I had an idea. That was to choose an artist, band or group to spend a week with. Not literally of course. I wish!! No, my idea was to select one artist, choose seven tracks i.e. a week, and review one each day.

Now, being a busy lady, I don't always get the time, so sometime "my week" takes more than a calendar week, but you get the point don't you? Of course you do.

I am currently on day 5 of my latest choice, The Rolling Stones, but what I can't believe is that this is Week 10! 10 artists/bands into my project, and I can honestly say I am really enjoying it.

Some of the songs I have chosen are ones I already liked. But I've never looked in so much detail - the chart position, the album it was taken from, the length of time in the charts etc.. Its been really interesting exploring more than just hearing it on the radio, or even downloading it (legally of course) and adding it to my playlists.

Then there are the tracks and artists I don't know so well, or only know one or two of their outputs. This has been the best part. Hidden treasures that are from days gone by, that I have either forgotten all about, or never heard in the first place. Its like an education in music.

The only tricky part is choosing who in the first place to spend my week with, and then whittling it down to just 7 tracks to listen to and review. In some cases, there aren't that many chart singles to choose from, and I decided not to go for album tracks as there isn't much info out there about those, or videos to watch. Some bands just don't have that many hits, whereas others, my goodness how many to choose from?

All in all, this was one of my better ideas, and I really do hope you are enjoying my adventures with music, because I most certainly am!! If you have any artists or bands you really like, why don't you drop me a comment and let me know? Maybe I can spend a week with them too!

Why don't you check out My Music page here and see who I've already spent my previous weeks with? Happy listening :)

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