Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fun with Music - lets play

Ok, so lets have a bit of fun shall we? I love music, and in particular, I love to come up with games to do with music from guessing the track by a lyric, to compiling playlists.

I have it in my head that it would be fun to create some playlists. So we could have a "songs for a rainy day" (most of the time at the moment, lets face it!). Or holiday chillout, or getting ready to go out, or even music to get ready for work by!!

We could have some fun thinking of music related tracks or artists too. So lets take rain as an example - the obvious one is Umbrella, but lets think a bit shall we? Let me get you started - how about the band "Wet, Wet, Wet?". Or what about the one from symbol, Prince or whatever name he goes by these days "Purple Rain"!

Are you following my logic now? Yes? Jolly good. So starting tomorrow, lets have fun making some playlists. Be as old or retro or bang up to date as you like. Just enjoy. Catch you in the morning peeps, night night :)

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