Friday, 6 June 2014

It's Frrrriiiiidaaaaayyyyyy!!!!

Oh Happy Days, its Friday and the sun is shining. I am tired, exhausted, drained and yes, utterly ready for the weekend.

Off on a shopping spree tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. We are off on the train tomorrow morning to the Bullring in Birmingham. I have never been there before, so actually excited!!

The weather is going to be awful tomorrow though, so am making the most of the nice weather right now!

Sunday - no plans as of yet, but hopefully will be doing something fun, before another gym session in the afternoon. Well, I do have a wedding (not mine!) and a holiday to get in shape for!

I also intend to listen to lots of great music this weekend and update my playlists - I keep listening to the same music at the gym and its driving me mad! I've got so much to do over the next few weeks that its becoming a struggle to fit it all in!

My to do list is growing by the day. I need to get an inner tube for my flat tyre on my bike, get my hair cut, my nails done. I need to get a wax booked and a spray tan - so I can wear something lovely for the wedding at the end of June.

I have 2 gigs to go to - Rod Stewart and also Robbie Williams. I have 2 PT sessions each week, plus 2 other gym sessions. I need to have a wardrobe clearout, and I need to get rid of some of my clothes - I'm thinking ebay! Its good stuff, just either too big, or just not me now that I have finally reached the weight where I can fit in it!!

So a busy month all in all, but its all good. You only live once, and its Friday!!! Always a reason to smile. You just have to look for it sometimes :)

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