Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Week with Britney Spears begins here

I have chosen to send my next week with Britney Spears. She is, without doubt, one of the most famous woman on the planet. So lets take a look at this huge artist before we begin our week shall we? Right then, follow me.

Britney Spears - full name Britney Jean Spears. Born in 1981, its scary to think how much has happened at what is still such a young (ish ) age. Britney was bought up in Louisiana, USA. A singer and dancer from childhood, she burst onto the music scene with the huge single Baby One More Time - aka Hit Me Baby One More Time. Remember the one? Course you do - our Brit clad in school uniform - how could we forget?

Lets make no mistake here - Britney became huge. She released her first album back 1999, featuring afore mentioned huge first hit and titled the same. She followed it the next year, 2000 with Oops!.. I did it Again. Both were hits. She followed this with a third and fourth album, Britney in 2001, then In the Zone in 2003.

In 2007, things started to unravel a bit. She still churned out the albums - Blackout in 2007, followed by Circus in 2008. During this time she now infamously shaved off all her hair, behaved somewhat erratically and ended up on an ongoing censorship where she was no longer fully in control of her own destiny.

Britney though, kept on going. Her seventh album was released in 2011 - Femme Fatale, followed by her eight, Britney Jean in 2013.

Britney started off with a clean living, clean looking sound and style (if you excuse the school uniform). She was the ultimate teen pop-princess. Then, as she got older, her body got more mature and her look more sexy. Her appeal and status changed, so did her music. Her success rocketed. Unfortunately, the pressure seems to have become too much and the Britney today is a much more fragile version, albeit now a mum and wife, but fame has taken its toll.

She has amassed 8 studio albums, over 40 singles, several compilation albums and a lot of touring to support them. She has featured with other artists and had massive success and accolade, setting records as she went.

I now have to choose just 7 of Britney' singles to listen to over the coming week and review on my blog. The difficult part will be choosing them, but I am fascinated by all things Britney. She can look so toned and fine tuned, but also is well known to be a lover of junk food and there are shots of her looking like the rest of us - bloated and out of shape. She is massively talented but fragile, hugely famous but also private. Fascinating. There are few big megastars so intriguing. I'm excited to be spending a week with her. Come back for my first choice tomorrow :)

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