Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Off to see Robbie Williams #excited much!!

I am so excited to say that I am going to see Robbie Williams live next week!! I am something of a Robbie fan, it has to be said. This will be my third, yes third time of seeing him live.

I saw him for the first time at Knebworth, and it was spectacular. I saw him again last year at Manchester, and he was good but had some rather odd choices in his set in my humble opinion.

This time its Manchester again for his Swings both Ways tour. Ollie Murs was his support last year, but I'm not sure who is supporting this time. I must check on that - note to self.

One thing for sure, is Robbie is an entertainer. He sounds awesome live and I just cannot wait. I will be sure to pop back and update you with pics and a review of how it went, but for now, I'm just plain excited!: )

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