Thursday, 12 June 2014

Poorly sick & no weight lost!!!

How is this fair? I mean really I ask you, how can this happen? 3 days of barely eating, feeling very off in the stomach area ( I will spare you the details), and I get on the scales and? And nothing. Nada. Not budged. At all!!

How? Just how exactly is this even possible? I thought practically starving meant that you lost weight. I hear other people giving it the "I lost 5 pounds because I was sick". Not me, oooohhh no. No, my weight takes more effort than being ill clearly.

So, at least I am feeling better - compared to yesterday at at any rate. So from my vantage point of being at what feels like rock bottom - bloated, feeling bit crappy still, and very tired, it can only improve from here on in!!

So tomorrow I am going for it. Giving it my all, feeling the burn. Right now though, the only burn I am interested in is the one that heats the water in my kettle!! Not happy about this, but in the grand scheme of things, I guess I can handle it. (Those scales had better start moving down again soon though!!! )

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