Saturday, 14 June 2014

PT at 9.30am!!!!

I'm feeling very pleased with myself right now. I went to PT yesterday evening at 5pm, and this morning I went again - at 9.30am!! Two sessions back to back. Now that's impressive!!

Today, the scales also dropped, so double pleased!! Down to 12 stone 4 from yesterday's 12st 7.4lb!! 3.4lbs off!! ooof!

Today's session consisted of:

  • squat thrusts - 1 thrust and stand up in between
  • squat thrusts doubles and stand
  • squat thrusts triples and stand
  • weight machine - upright rows x 3 sets
  • burpees - full ones with jumps! x 3 sets
  • weight machine - lateral pull down x 3 sets
  • stair master - 30 double steps each leg, x 3 sets (hellish!)
  • plank rotations (elbows up to hands) x 30 x 3 sets
  • walking planks (elbow up to hands and walk back and down again)
  • weight ball squat thrusts and ball lift x 15 reps x 3 sets
  • step up from kneeling - 10 each leg, x 3 sets
  • lunge walk - one leg repeat x 3 sets
  • treadmill interval sprints 
I sweated by backside off. I finished looking like I had been caught in a heavy rain shower!! It felt good though. Every drop of sweat I thought is another calorie burned off!! My PT said mid way through "if it was easy, everyone would be doing it". That made me think. It made me realise that I want more. I want a gym body - one that actually looks like I have a personal trainer, not one that resembles the pillsbury dough boy!! I'm going for it now - beach body, here I come!! Whoop!! Feeling good :)

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