Sunday, 31 August 2014

Absolutely last day before the diet :(

I've said it before. I'm not saying it again (well, not until the next holiday post weight gain).

Today is the last day of indulgence. Tomorrow is the gym. Tomorrow is the diet. Tomorrow therefore, I shall be miserable!! :(

Has to be done.

Last day of August :)

It is the last day of the month. That means a marathon for competitions as loads and loads close at month end. Watch out for comp posts throughout the day if you fancy trying your luck ;)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Happy Holiday :)

I had a great holiday. I was also a good deal slimmer! Here I am, enjoying a lovely vino :)

It was so hot. Well into the 40 degrees by day. At night, our room was air conditioned, as was the inside of the hotel. Outside though, where the entertainment was, it was scorchio.

There was just nothing for it but to enjoy a lovely chilled glass of wine. It had to be done. Cheers :)

Wardrobe clear - it begins

2 months until move date (hopefully). I decided to make a start on clearing out. We moved here just over 12 months ago, and I got rid of a load of stuff then. Somehow though, I still have way too much.

So it was with this in mind that I began, firstly with tackling my wardrobe. The last few weeks with holiday and everything else, the top of my wardrobe had become a jumble sale in appearance. So I began by folding and hanging clothes on hangers.

Then, on realising once everything was hung up I couldn't actually fit it back into the wardrobe, it was clear I needed to clear some space. I have now removed approximately 20 items from my wardrobe, photographed them for ebay purposes and they are now stored away with the rest of the items I need to sell.

Then, I decided to make a start on the loft. In the loft is where I store my ebay items to sell, in suitcases. So I have had a real sort out. I have put all the items I currently have listed in one case, the stuff that's photographed and ready to list in another. More still in boxes. More even still needing photographing. I have made a start though, and any extra pennies I make from it will be worth it and much needed imminent house move pending!!

I feel much better for having gotten it done, but its made me realise I've loads still to do. Going to be a busy month. :)

Friday, 29 August 2014

My Dream Bedroom

This is my dream bedroom:
French chateaux bed from Womacks of Bawtry £1400

Provencal white chaise longue, French Bedroom Company £960

Princess Crystal Chandelier £195 French Bedroom Company

Metallic touches rose vase £95 Achica

French country chic jewellery box £18 Achica

Laura Ashley Delaney velvet bedspread £175
Ginger Lily Silk bedding set John Lewis £60 - £300

Burford end of bed ottoman - buttoned truffle velvet - Alison at Home £395

floor lamp by impex lighting at Wayfair £181.44

Hotel Mink Pintuck Faux Silk Curtain Collection Dunelm £5.99 - £109.99

Debenhams silver velvet cushion £15

Star by Julien Macdonald Designer purple heart cushion £25

French silver leaf dressing table with mirror £449 The Furniture Market

OOOH - X Factor starts tomorrow :)

Its sad but true that I am actually excited that the X Factor is coming back. In my humble opinion, with the exception of Gary Barlow, the X Factor hasn't been the same without Simon, or indeed Cheryl.

It had gone down hill a bit, I didn't like the arena auditions, and it was all getting a bit "meh". Simon is the key to its success, and without him, it just didn't quite make the grade.

His return heralds its return to greatness, hopefully. Throw in Cheryl's come back, especially after their infamous fall out, and its going to be exciting again.

Saturday nights will be stay in nights again. :)

Day Five of My Week with REM - The One I Love

Day Five of My Week with REM and today its The One I Love.

The One I Love was released as a single in 1991. It was taken from their fifth studio album Document. Its a more guitar based number than some of my previous choices, and is more rock than pop.

On first listen, you can understand thinking this is a love song. When you listen again, you can clearly tell its not. Yes, it features the line "this one goes out to the one I love". However, this line "a simple prop to occupy my time" suggests its not a love song at all. Stipe himself has stated its got a darker meaning, and seems more about using people.

Michael Stipe has a great talent and his vocals on this are superb. He's an interesting character, Stipe. Very flamboyant and unique. The rest of the band seem to keep a comparatively low profile.

The video is odd. Its interesting to watch, but I confess to having no clue what its actually about. Its shots of couples not really doing anything and nothing much happens. This is one that's better to listen to than it is to watch.

The One I Love is another great track from this talented group, and I recommend listening to it. Let me know what you think.

If you haven't seen the previous days choices, here they are (just give them a click) - StandEverybody HurtsLosing My Religion and The Great Beyond. For more music, singles of the week and much more, check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

Summer holidays are almost over :)

Little G goes back to school on Tuesday. So this weekend is the last weekend for all of us to enjoy the last of the summer. Food, drink and relaxing is the order of play for the weekend coming.

Next week, all of us need to trim ourselves down, move a bit more and get back on the bike, literally.

I have gained over a stone. All of are not looking how we did before the hols. I'm running out of clothes, and what I can fit in looks awful. More on that later.

The summer holidays are almost done. 6 weeks gone in a flash. I like it when school kicks back in though. Yes, there is more traffic on the road, but it feels like the normal routine has returned. I always feel a bit out of sync when there is no normal routine. I like knowing where we are with days and when we are doing what. I like spontaneity, but not all the time!!

My waistband and bank balance can't take much more over indulgence, so I'm glad its almost over.

I'm getting a proper belly now!

Ok, ok - you've heard me say this before. This is absolutely the last weekend to indulge. I am putting weight on, and its really showing now. There is only so much that cardigans and jackets can hide, and my belly is becoming noticeable even with the camouflage.

I have one more weekend to get through, and then its down to business. By business, I mean diet and going to the gym. I'm getting grumpy because I look fat and I can't get in my lovely clothes, but still I can't stop eating!

I will get back into it, but I am going to find it soo hard. Food is just so lovely and I do love it. I also love looking slim though. You can't have everything. :(

Night night

Cannot stay awake any longer, so tis bed for me. Goodnight and sweet dreams :)

Prison Break - Series 3 almost done!

In my Prison Break marathon, almost at the end of series 3 now. One more series - what a show!! You must watch this.

Review coming soon. :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thankful for a short week

I am so glad it is Friday tomorrow, and the fact its a day sooner than usual in terms of working days. Its been a long week, and I am ready for the weekend. Just one more day to survive.

Best laid plans and all that - I should be back on the diet, back at the gym. Pah. I'm having a red label and diet coke - for medicinal purposes you understand!!

Roll on Friday night. Not going anywhere, just looking forward to a lie in Saturday morning. Got to love short bank holiday weeks. Why can't we have more bank holidays ? :)

Day Four of My Week with REM - The Great Beyond

Day Four of My Week with REM and its The Great Beyond.

Released in 1999, this was a track written for a film. The film being Man on the Moon starring Jim Carey. It isn't an album track, but was part of the movie soundtrack. As a single it reached number 3 in the UK chart, which I believe is the highest an REM track reached here.

This is a clever song, and really catchy. It features the line "I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs". Yep, life feels like that sometimes! Its a very melodic track, mid tempo with lots of references to the film obviously.

The video features the band in the recording studio, with Stipe sporting some very bright orange trousers oddly. It cuts between them singing, and clips of the film. They realise they can move the TV they are being shown on by pushing on the glass of the recording studio. It ends where they have broken out.

Stipe's vocals are again fantastic, the melody, the instruments - all absolutely perfectly orchestrated. This is a truly talented and original band, and a truly great track. Take a listen, watch the video and let me know what you think.

If you missed the previous days, here's a reminder of what they were : Stand , Everybody Hurts and
Losing My Religion . Or you can check out previous choices and more by checking out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

Deep Blue Sea is on !!

I love this film. Anything with sharks in it, or dinosaurs, appeals to the silly part of me. As shark films go, this is one of the better ones and is actually scary!! Its on now if you fancy it!

Love it :)

64 Days until we get the keys (I hope)

It is now 64 days until we get the keys to our new house!! It seems forever away, but time has a habit of flying. 31st October is the expected completion date.

The mortgage is all ready to go, valuation done, credit checks and all of that red tape. Solicitors are in the throws of the searches - they already have the land registry plan, so unless something sinister is found, which we don't expect, then we should be good to go!!

I still am trying to keep my feet on the ground though. It could, very small chance, but could, still go wrong. That said its immensely hard not to keep looking at the pictures of the house, planning where things will go, what we want to do with it and imagining ourselves there!!

64 days. Not long. Well before then, we should have everything confirmed, so I think I will be a bit more relaxed - maybe not. Moving is stressful.

64 days. Counting down. Exciting and nerve wracking. :)

Haven't made it to the gym again :(

Tonight was supposed to be the return to the gym. However, I am sitting at home watching the soaps because this cold just won't quit.

Instead, I do not intend to move much at all tonight. I will get myself better and if that means I have to rest, then rest it is. Rest with my laptop of course - can't just sit doing nothing!!

I've also cancelled the PT for Saturday, as there is just no way my first session back at the gym was going to be a PT session. I can't even begin to explain how horrific that would have been!!

I need a couple of sessions in before I can bring myself to that amount of effort. Its still going to be hard, but the cold has to go first, then a couple of sessions on my own, then back to it. Sooner rather than later I hope! :)

Cold still going :(

I'm even worse this morning. Its now got to my throat, so not to mention the red nose, I now can't swallow. Beyond fed up now and I'm telling you now, this cold needs to do one.

Anyone got a cure? :(

Being Tillys Mummy: A-Z Of Summer Holidays - H is for Harry Potter

Being Tillys Mummy: A-Z Of Summer Holidays - H is for Harry Potter

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Lots of posts tonight eh?

I posted a lot tonight. Music, competitions, life - I had a lot to say today. I'm trying to sort myself out, get into a routine so shortly, I shall be posting about certain things, on certain days.

I think I need to be structured. But for tonight, I was a little behind with my single of the week (its been a couple), my week with ( started it 2 weeks ago, didnt post the days) so I've caught up.

I've got it all updated, and off we go again. Its all good fun, hope you enjoyed the marathon session tonight! :)

2 and a half stone to lose - that's the goal

I've hit 13 stone again. I want to be 10 and a half stone. So 2 and a half stone to lose. Starting tomorrow. That's the goal, and I will get there. :)

I need to do this properly, no gimmicks. No silly timescales, I just need to reach that weight.

Saturday = first PT session back

It has to happen, I can't continue like this. I am getting heavier, more unhealthy and generally more frumpy by the day, or so it feels.

I have gained just over one stone. That's a lot. And so it begins once again. The rocky road to slim. I have a way to go to even get off the starting blocks.

I must stay off the wine, the chocolate, the take aways and the crisps. I must lay off the cup cakes, the ice cream, the cheese and the pub food. I need to step away from the double measures, and the creamy hot chocolates.

My portion sizes have grown, and the amount of meals has too. I eat too much, too many times, and snack too much on the wrong things in between, washed down by all manner of calorific beverages.

I need to make a plan. I will make a plan. And I will stick to it. I have to. Help!

So Saturday is D day. Back to PT. Its going to be the hardest yet. I know it. :)

Still sniffling, now got a red nose!!

God dammit I hate colds!! I have been snuffling and sniffling all day, and now am sporting a sore red nose to add to my woes.

I don't feel poorly per se, just bloody miserable. I don't feel like I have to be bed ridden, I just feel bad enough to not want to move. I can, I just do not choose to.

I choose, sorry, chose, to eat a really hot chilli. A dynamite hot Stagg chilli no less. Not for the faint hearted this, but it didn't even touch the sides. Normally, hot food makes my nose run, but given that I was already there before I started, there was no noticeable difference.

I had hoped the spice would blow the cold away or sweat it out, or something to that end, but sadly no. Still the same. Blowing my nose for Britain, and its showing no sign at all of buggaring off. Feeling tres grumpy :(

Robbie Williams Live - a little teaser :)

Back in June 2014, I went to see Mr Robbie Williams, live at Manchester. I haven't posted about it yet, so here is just a little teaser of what is to come - the man himself in action:

It was fabulous darlings, but more on that later. Here is just a little taster for now. Enjoy :)

Day Three of My Week with REM - Losing My Religion

Its Day Three of My Week with REM. Today its Losing My Religion.

Losing My Religion was the first single released from their album Out of Time in 1991. It reached number 19 in the UK singles chart, giving them another top 20 hit.

The video to this song is fascinating, and at the time was highly commended. It features Michael Stipe sitting on a chair, whilst all manner of dramatic characters appear - oriental ladies, wigged men and of course the rest of the band. Nothing much happens, but its very cinematic and stylish.

Michael's vocals really stand out on this one. No one sounds like him, not even close. Apparently the song was written using a mandolin, and you can hear the influence in it strongly. Its a mid tempo number, and quite emotional in its feel. Its very unconventional in that whilst its a pop song, its not the usual.

That's the thing with REM, they release great songs, they have a distinctive style, but equally they don't follow a formula. Michael has a rich voice, not the typical singing voice, that is kind of jarring but full of emotion whilst still being raw and edgy. So different from anyone before or anyone since.

Go and have a listen, and let me know what you think. You can check out Day One - Stand, and Day Two - Everybody Hurts if you missed it. For more, you can check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy Listening :)

Its all about the numbers - let the countdown(s) commence!

Life is all about numbers. Here are my countdowns:
  • 65 days until we get the keys to our new house (hopefully)
  • 77 days until we hand the keys in to our current home
  • 120 days until Christmas Day
  • 127 days to New Year's Eve
  • 210 days until Marrakech
Its all about the numbers at the moment. Exciting stuff !!!

My Single of the Week - Saint Motel - My Type

My single of the week this week is by Saint Motel and its 'My Type'.

Saint Motel are an indie band from America, whom I had never heard of before this track. They are a four piece group, consisting of A/J Jackson - the singer, Aaron Sharp, Dak and Greg Erwin on guitar and drums.

This is a real 70's influenced song - big intro, slow tempo kind of lounge music style. They have been going for a few years, sine 2009 in fact, but this looks set to be their first hit. At the moment, on its first week in the charts in the UK, its gone in at 34.

The video adds to the whole 70's vibe, with lots of Kaftan's and such, and its shot in that technicolour kind of style with lots of retro furniture and references.

The lead singer has a brilliant voice for this song. A bit velvety, and a bit snarly - perfect combination. Its a really stand out track - whether you love it or hate it, because it sounds like nothing else current. I love that in a track. Anything that gets that sort of reaction is good in my book and I really like this.

Its a laid back fun song, and I definitely recommend a listen if you haven't already. Let me know what you think. You can check out My Music page here for more or check out this post for my previous singles of the week. Happy listening :)

(video published on youtube by saintmotelvideo)

Ebay wrapping tonight :)

I've been having a bit of a clear out again, and as a result have quite a few things sold, which is good. A few extra pennies. Problem is sitting wrapping them - there is just no easy way of doing it.

I have just got home, so I am determined to get it done before I start anything else. Its a bit like ironing - I find any and every excuse not to just get on and do it!! So off I go, scissors and cellotape at the ready. Wish me luck :)

Off to work with the sniffles :(

Am off to work now, full of cold. Cue lots of tissues and a sore red nose. Oh the joys of a summer cold :(

Kate Bush returns

I grew up listening to Kate Bush, and when I heard she was returning I was excited. It sold out after 15 minutes though!

However, 35 years since her last show is pretty impressive. I wasn't there, but how exciting that Ms Bush is back! :)

Were you lucky enough to be there? How was it?

Gym Girl :)

This is me a couple of weeks before my recent holiday. I was looking quite trim. 

These were my new red reebok leggings. 

Fast forward 3 weeks and I am a stone heavier, and just cannot get back into the right frame of mind. Really struggling to find my will power - just non existent at the moment. 

I'm sure I am not the only person, but it feels like it. I look in the mirror and don't like what I see, but instead of doing something about it, I turn to chocolate and stuff my face. Which just makes it worse. 

I just need to find my will power. where has it gone? :(

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Prison Break - Series 3!!

Its been 3 weeks or so, and we are now on Series 3. I have never watched a program that twists and turns like this does. You cannot take anything for granted.

Someone gets killed and its like - are they dead? Are they? Its that sort of program.

Whoever wrote the script is a genius. Whoever cast the actors - genius. The acting is amazing, the storyline just mind blowing.

Still not at the end - there are 4 series. Once I'm done, I will review this amazing program. :)

Treat to myself - Cool Water

I decided to treat myself to a new scent. This one has always reminded me of summer, so as summer appears to be at an end, I wanted to make it last that bit longer. 

Here it is - Davidoff Cool Water - Woman. It smells fresh and clean, but still sexy and strong - I don't really like wishy washy fragrances. As soon as I sprayed it on, I felt cool and feminine. 

Long last the summer :)

Need to get back to the gym, just can't do it!!

I have to get back to the gym. My weight is creeping up and its making me grumpy and affecting my confidence. I can't hardly fit in any of my clothes, as I had the great idea of selling all my fat stuff.

This was a great idea, until I'm heading well towards being fat again and have nothing to wear!!

I need to get back to the gym. I just can't quite seem to find the motivation to get my ass back there. I want to be slim, I want to lose weight, but I also want to eat and eat at the moment. At some point, I need to get my will power revved up again and get back to the gym. Its just so hard to consider it when all I want to do is eat cake!!

Any tips?

Day Two of My Week with REM - Everybody Hurts

Its Day Two of My Week with REM and today its Everybody Hurts.

Everybody Hurts was released as a single in 1993, and was taken from their 1992 album, Automatic for the People. This was one of their biggest successes, and peaked at number 7 in the UK charts.

Let me say this - this is one of my all time favourite ever songs. Its a beautiful gorgeous sounding ballad without being a ballad if you follow. Its slow tempo, with emotional sounding vocals from Stipe and his unusual voice.

The video this song is also brilliant. Its a traffic jam on a main road in the USA. Captions pop up on the screen depicting what the occupants of various vehicles are thinking. Its very clever. The lyrics give it a real thought provoking backdrop. Everybody hurts he sings over and over, which is true.

Eventually, the occupants of the cars get out and just walk on, leaving the jam behind them. Michael Stipe and the band members are amongst them. Michael then starts to sing. Its brilliant. It ends with a news report of over 300 people just walking away from their cars.

This is a song that makes you think. Its quite dark, and very powerful. Its wonderfully sung, wonderfully orchestrated with strings and guitars. It doesn't sound dated even now.

Go take a listen of this one. If you somehow haven't heard it before, you will love it. If you just haven't heard it for a while go remind yourself how great a song this is. Drop me a comment if you like it.

For more of my music, check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

I've caught a cold - doh :(

Not happy today. I have caught a cold. Goodness knows where from, but I blame the rain. Yes, I know, you can't catch cold from the weather but hey, there has to be a reason right?

I came back from 40 degree heat to having the central heating on, I mean that cannot be healthy.

So I'm sitting here feeling very sorry for myself. Sore throat, sniffly nose and muzzy head. My subtle requests for wine were entirely lost on the other half - he doesn't understand the medicinal qualities of the Pinot.

Anyway, I want rid of this - I don't feel so ill as to be in bed, but I feel bad enough to feel utterly miserable. Not happy. :(

Monday, 25 August 2014

Day One of My Week with REM - Stand

Day One of My Week with REM and to start us off its their single Stand.

Stand was released in 1989, and was the second single to be taken from their album Green released 1988. Its a quirky, catchy little track, but didn't fare too well only reaching no 48 in the UK charts. I have chosen it though as its distinctive and shows them in their early days.

Green was the band's first release with their new label, Warner Bros. Unlike many of their tracks, this one isn't political. Apparently, it was written to be akin to tracks from the Monkees and of all things, the Banana Splits. Very random! Also very REM!

REM are what is classed as alternative rock, which basically means softer or more indie rock pop in their case. What makes REM for me though, despite their being talented musicians, is Michael Stipe's voice.

This single is quite up tempo, certainly no ballad here. Its not deep and meaningful, and if you need further proof of that, then watch this video. It features the band, but also four people just doing a little dance and jumping north, south east and west in time with the song. Quite amusing, but more funny still? Their hair, particularly Stipe. Dear goodness he needed a makeover - what a barnet!!

This is a quirky littly song, I like it, and its a reminder of how diverse this band can be. Go take a listen, and let me know what you think.

For more of My Music, check out my page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

Malware issues - I want to make you aware :(

I'm usually quite good with computers and gadgets. I'm usually very cautious about upgrades, downloads and email scams. But I got caught out this weekend. By something known as Malware.

I'd heard the term, but never really gave it much thought. Well, let me tell you what a royal pain in the ass it is, not to mention a threat to your information and security.

Somehow, whilst downloading what appeared to be a perfectly kosher update for flash / silverlight, I inadvertently and without realising, gave permission for something called 123 Start to download too.

I knew something was wrong within minutes. It hijacked my usual browser - Chrome, and when you search for anything using it, it flirts you off to all manner of pages, ad sites and goodness knows what else. Pages I already had open, froze, I lost icons off the tool bar and the system went mega slow, scrolling was a nightmare as the pages just fire you off to ads.

I tried to restore my system to a date and time before the download, but because it hijacks the browser, it just attaches itself as extensions, and takes over basically. It wouldn't let me uninstall, as its clever and a lot of chinese writing came up in a pop up when I tried. Because I couldn't get into the internet options (another issues with this malware it stops you getting to the bits that you can usually to remove such programs), every time I deleted it from one place, it just found another way in.

So my laptop had to go for a visit to the computer doctor, otherwise known as my uncle. I know no longer have this awful program, and have lots of malware apps on my laptop to stop it getting in again!!

Just take this warning, and steer clear of it. Be very careful when you update anything and read all the information before you agree to anything!! Nightmare. All fixed now, but what a pain. :)

Lovely Bank Holiday weather :)

What lovely weather isn't it? At least yesterday wasn't so bad. We had a nice walk, went for some lunch and some tea yesterday. It was very nice indeed.

Today however, its like winter has set in. Sitting here, watching TV now all the jobs I needed to do are done once again, with the heating on. Its not fit to go out anywhere, and I'm off the booze again now.

The diet starts again in earnest this week, beginning with a sober night tonight, as have drunk far more than I intended this weekend, thoroughly enjoyed it, but enough is enough now. And its too cold for chilled wine now anyway! :)

Saturday, 23 August 2014

2 glasses of Pinot on a sunny Saturday afternoon :)

We went shopping. We went for lunch. I had 2 glasses of pinot grigio. Its a lovely sunny day, and its knocked my head off!! Lovely :)

Off to do some shopping :)

The rain has stopped, the clouds have parted - we are off to do some shopping.

What are you up to today? :)

Friday, 22 August 2014

What TV series have I missed?

I've never been that great at watching TV series. I watch a few, maybe the first one then I either forget, or miss one and bang, thats it. I did manage to watch all of Spooks, The Sopranos and Broadchurch.

So as a consequence though, I have missed the following: 24, Game of Thromes, Homeland, Luther, Happy Valley to name but a few.

Now, it goes without saying that I cannot watch every episode of every series. There is only so much time. There are some I really really want to watch though.

Namely Fargo and Homeland. Really want to watch those. Do you have any to recommend?

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Still hooked on Prison Break

3 weeks or so ago, I started to watch Prison Break, right from episode 1. We are now on episode 19 of series 2, so probably upwards of 40 or so episodes in less than 3 weeks!!

To say this is a great show would understate the quality and storyline and sheer brilliance of this program. Wow. Totally hooked, at the cost of watching just about anything else at the minute!

Can't say enough. Its just such a clever story. So brilliantly executed. It hooks you in, and just when you think you know what is going to happen, it pulls the rug out from under you.

We have a way to go before we have watched all of this fabulous series, and when I'm done, I will do a proper review, but just had to share how good this is. Recommend it totally.

You've got to love Sky for giving us the boxset. What a great idea. Well, if you never want to leave the house again that is! :)

August and I've got the heating on!!!

What is going on? Earlier this evening, I put the heating on, just low, you know, to take the edge off the cold. Then, still freezing, I put it up to a temperature that should never be in August.

August!! Why on earth is the weather in this country so utterly unpredictable? A few weeks ago, we were still sitting out in the garden at 10pm in T-shirts (jeans as well, obvs, not sitting in our pants!) try that tonight and you are apt to get frost bite!

This time last week I had just got back from Tunisia where it was 40 degrees upwards. How can it be that here, in good old blighty, that we are sat here contemplating winter temperatures in what should be summer? Mad. where are those fluffy slippers..... :(

My Week with REM begins

After a slight delay, its time for My Week with REM to begin. So lets take a look at this great band.

The first thing to remember, sadly, is that REM are no more. This fabulous American group formed in 1980 but went their separate ways in 2011. Fundamentally they were a rock band, but they also released some great music more akin to pop. They released their first album, Murmur in 1983.

The band consisted of Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and Bill Berry. For the first few years of their existence, they did not make it big. They released their second album, Reckoning in 1984, and their third, Fables of the Reconstruction in 1985.

They released their fourth album, Lifes Rich Pageant in 1986. It took until 1987 when they released their fifth album Document,  for them to get a real break, and were signed to Warner Records the following year. They released their sixth album, Green in 1988.

It was the 1990's when REM really became big. They released the album Out of Time in 1991, and then Automatic for the People in 1992. They followed this with Monster in 1994, then New Adventures in Hi-Fi in 1996, Up in in 1998, then Reveal in 2001.

Around the Sun came next in 2004, then a couple of live albums, then came Accelerate in 2008. Their last album came just before their split in 2011, Collapse into Now.

Michael Stipe as singer, has a distinctive voice, very unusual. The guitar playing of Peter Buck is original, and all in all, these guys are a talented band. They are also, particularly Stipe, quite politically oriented, with many of their songs featuring lyrics that are very poignant.

Their style evolved from their early days, and they experimented along the way, but they are one of those groups that you can recognise straight off. They never strayed too far from who they were at the start. They have a melodic style that is unique to them.

Over the next week, I shall choose seven of their singles, review each one, then look back over which, in my opinion, was their best of all time. I'm looking forward to this, as this is a great band.

If you can't wait, check out My Music page by clicking here :)

Notice is in!! Now its real.

I took the plunge yesterday, and I put in our notice on the property we rent at the moment. We have to give 2 months, but it can only go from the actual date of our tenancy agreement, which is the 12th.

I just wanted to get the letter written, signed and start the ball rolling, so I did and its done. The notice is in. It runs from 12th Sept to 11th November, so all being well we will be in our new house within 2 months!!

Its exciting and scary in equal measures. Exciting because its a lovely new house, and it will be ours because we won't have a landlord, as lovely as our landlord is. Scary because its a big commitment, it could still go wrong, and then what?

I hope it all goes well, as I really want this place. Everyone has their own taste in colours and design, but there is hardly anything I want to change. That's amazing in itself and I love it.

I can't wait. 2 months seems ages away from now, but I know 2 months from now looking back it will feel like it flew by. Roll on November. :)

That's me done until Tuesday :)

I'm on leave tomorrow. It's bank holiday on Monday. So that's four whole days off for me. Woohoo!!

However, the weather is looking gloomy. Showers, cool temperatures, and not very summery. I've just watched the forecast and it even says we might get frost this weekend! In August! Pah. So no BBQ's this weekend that's for sure!!

I'm sure we will find plenty to do this weekend though, regardless of the rubbish weather. What are you up to this weekend? :)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Computer issues!!!

I had a plan this evening. I was going to do single of the week, my week with REM starter, and all manner of things. Somehow, I almost corrupted my laptop. I managed to download something called istart 123.

Beware if you encounter it. Its a malicious software that won't uninstall, won't let you system reset your system. I've had to manually remove it from lots of nooks and crannies and 2 and a half hours later, I'm back online. What a mare!!

Normal service will resume again tomorrow, IT attacks aside! :(

My Goal weight

Lets be honest for a moment. We all make plans, we sometimes succeed, sometimes we don't. Does it make us failures? I don't think so. I think its better to have a plan, or a goal, and work towards it and at least get part way there, than it is to just give up and not even try in the first place.

I did not reach the weight I wanted to be at for my holiday. I was quite a way of it in the end. Did I enjoy my holiday? Yes. Would I have had a better holiday half a stone thinner? Nope.

However, and this is the crucial point. Would I have looked better? Yes. Would I have felt more confident and attractive? Yes. So that's the point here.

My goal weight this time is not for a holiday. Its the weight I feel that I want to be. I'm working towards that from now. Not obsessively. Not with a specific date in mind. I'm not giving everything up. I'm just aiming for it, and it will take as long as it takes.

Right now, I weigh in at 12 stones 13.2lbs. My goal is 10 stone 7lbs. That is 2 stone 6.2lbs to lose. That's my goal weight. That's the plan.

My 10 week Challenge - May 2014

I didn't reach my 10 week challenge goal. There, I said it. Its out there. Its fair to say I had a lot of reasons/excuses - weddings, birthdays, life! But I didn't make the challenge. Here is the story of my attempt, you can click the links if you want to read about my struggles and fails. Weight loss is hard. Exercise is hard.

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A New Challenge 27.5.14

Holiday weight gain - eek :)

I enjoyed my holiday. I ate, I drank, I didn't move an awful lot and it was hot, hot, hot!!

I could tell I was filling out a bit even whilst I was there, but did I care? Nope. Did I exercise self control? a little. Only in so much as not eating as much cheese or chips as usual, but nothing significant! Why should I? I worked hard for that hol!

I got back, I continued on the same path - out for tea, lots of wine.

Monday morning loomed, and it was back to work day. So I faced the music - a whopping 1 stone gained. Oh dear.

Since then, its now Wednesday, I have restrained the urge to continue to trough everything in sight. I have dropped a few of those pesky pounds. Its hard though. I feel hungry and want to stuff my face!!

Has to be done though. Starting myself slowly, just cutting down. The real work begins next week when its back to the gym. For now though, I'm not too bothered. I will be when I can't get in anything to go out in, but soon I shall be back to the gym, and hols will be a distant memory.

I am going to set a new goal for myself though. More on that later. :)

Update on the new house!

We viewed it in the rain. We fell in love with it. We put in an offer. It was refused. We put in a second offer, and it was accepted. And so it began.

We viewed it a second time, with little G and my parents. It was glorious sunshine. It looked even more lovely and if possible I liked it even more.

It was then with the bank to go from mortgage promise to full mortgage offer. I sorted out my solicitor and did everything I could from my side of things. I provided all the info, and crossed everything. Then we went off on our hols.

On my return, the mortgage offer was there, the valuation had been completed and all was good. As of today, my solicitors have sent out the contract pack and we are at local searches stages.

Excitingly, we have agreed a provisional completion date!! I have as a result of this given notice on the rental we are in now. Which we love, but its a rental and I want to own my own home again.

So excited now even though its going to be another 2 months over from now. We are looking at about 9-10 weeks. But that will go fast. Because time goes fast!! The important thing is that we will be in before Christmas - how exciting!! Everything is still crossed though. Not tempting fate now! :)

Good morning x

Its Wednesday morning. What are you doing today? For me, its off to work in a minute or two, following a lovely hot shower and putting my face on of course!!

Later, a little shopping needs to be done, but the house is all clean and tidy, which is fab. It amazes me when you get back from holiday how much stuff there ends up being about the place. We only went for a week!

Much to tell - house stuff, imminent gym re-start, all good. Catch you later :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Oooh so tired tonight :)

I think holidays are bad for you. I mean, yes, the weather was hot, the place was lovely, the food was yum and the wine was chilled. Yes, I relaxed, I indulged, I dressed up.

However, now I'm exhausted!! Beyond knackered, totally falling asleep at the hour of 9pm. This is not like me. I'm a night owl as a rule. Just so tired, so utterly tired. So for tonight, I bid you good night.

I will be back properly tomorrow to begin more of My Music - this next week its REM!! Exciting!!

I shall post about my hols, review the place itself, and talk about the clothes. And the shoes of course.

Catch you then. Yawns, stretches, curls up like a cat. Meow and goodnight xx

Getting darker, and definetely cooler - nearly Autumn

I came home last Thursday from heat in the region of 40 degrees. Yes, 40 degrees. I came back to a fairly decent 18-19 degrees. Although it felt cool by comparison.

Since then, its got worse, to the point where my heating is now back on again!! Heating in August? Ridiculous. Not to mention the damn rain!!

So its sitting in my slippers, PJ's and dressing gown, that I watch it going dark outside decidedly earlier this evening. I hadn't really clocked it until tonight, but its defo heading into autumn now.

Not to worry too much though. Another hol already booked for April next year, and planning a city break later this year. Plus, it looks good on the house front now - more on that later!!

Lots happening, lots of stress - good and bad, but its getting darker, and its cooler already, and autumn is nearly here. But that means TV suddenly gets fab. All the best programs seem to start up again in the autumn. I'm really excited about Broadchurch 2 for a start. So not all bad really :)

I'm back!!!!!!

I went on my holiday. I came back from my holiday. I continued in the holiday mode. Its now Tuesday, and I flew home last Thursday.

Since returning, I have eaten and drunk anything and everything that I fancied, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and thoroughly worn myself out. Hence a slight hiatus from the blog, so apologies for that.

I am now back, so check back for more music, travels and fun soon xx

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Last full day :(

It's reached that point of the hol when its the last full day. Last day of guaranteed blue skies, cocktails and great food. Last full day of relaxing.

Tomorrow its packing and on the plane, then back to terra firma. sob :(

I need to convince the other half to go for 10 days next time. 7 days just is not long enough :)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Clothes are getting snug now :(

Yep, a few days in now, and what fitted nicely pre-holiday trying on session is now starting to be much more snug than would be my preference :(

Whilst this is not good for hol snaps, I have enjoyed every moment of piling it on so mustn't grumble.

Going on holiday is one of the only times it is permissible to not care if you have a food belly. Everyone there has one by day five - that's kind of the point. You just relax in a way that you just never would really back home.

Yes, you might go out for a meal, but would this ever happen every night at home? Would you, on top of that, eat a huge breaky every morning and a hot meal for lunch? Nicely washed down with a glass of the old vino or a beer? I cannot imagine behaving this way at home, and I love it!

It makes all the hard work, slogging away at the gym, and the general manic pace of life worth it. So my clothes are getting snug - I can still get in them (just) so who cares? Just enjoying myself. Happy days :)

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Just landed (hopefully)

Well its the day of the holiday. I will have landed by now, in lovely Tunisia where it is hopefully very nice and very hot.

How are you today ? :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My last pre holiday PT session - all done:)

It was my last PT session today before hols. You might think he would go easy on me - you would be wrong on that one.

This is what he put me through today :

  • Elliptical cross trainer intervals x 4 sets of 90 seconds at 90RPM
  • Kettle bell swings - 4 sets of 30 reps
  • overhead tricep pull x 20 reps x 3 sets
  • burpee and box jump - 6 sets of 15 reps
  • bicep curl with rope - 20 reps x 3 sets
  • stair master intervals - 90 seconds level 16 x 6 sets
  • bicep curl with free weights - 30 seconds x 3 sets
  • tricep dips - 20 reps x 6 sets
  • leg raise and crunch with medicine ball - 20 reps x 3 sets
  • full burpees with jumps - 3 sets of 10 reps
  • 15 box jumps
It was intense, it was the last one, and I survived. Whoop! 

Enjoy your body - its the greatest piece of equipment you will ever have

I need to have a word with myself. I have gotten myself totally hung up on the scales, instead of focusing on what matters. What is that you ask?

Well what matters is that your body is great. So is mine, so is everybody's. We come in all shapes and sizes, but we are full of amazing gadgets and gizmo's that keep us going. I have been feeling low because I wanted to be x stones and x pounds.

For goodness sake - there is nothing wrong with my body, physically anyway. I am healthy, I am fit, I just am not at the weight I want to be. However, I am a size 12-14. Not exactly huge then. Ok, not skinny, but probably average or slightly less.

Ok, so I am heavier than I want to be? Does that actually matter to anyone but me? When I am by the pool tomorrow, will people stop dead in their tracks and notice that I am 4lbs heavier than I wanted to be? Or will they, as is most likely the case, just be getting on with their own holiday?

Will my clothes still fit me? Of course they will. Its a couple of pounds, not a couple of stones we are talking about!!

I have to get out of this mindset of weight is all. So enjoy your body - its the greatest piece of equipment you will ever have. x

I didn't make the goal weight. :(

It wasn't meant to be. I gave it my best shot, but still ended up several pounds from my goal. I do feel a bit fed up about this, its hard trying to reach a certain weight.

What I've found the most difficult is the amount of ups and downs life has thrown at me. House buying, viewings, work, household stuff, mortgages, savings, exercise, weddings, illness, pets, children, family, cars, people reversing into cars! All in all, life.

Its been a testing few months, the upshot being I just fell short of the mark. Should I worry? No, and it certainly will not stop me having a great holiday.

What it will do is spur me on when I return to finally get to that goal.

OMG - holiday is here (nearly)

I'm up and dressed and doing my "workface" for the last time until a week on Monday. That's lovely.

What's even more lovely than that? It's less than 24 hours until we are on the plane and up up and away!! 6am tomorrow morning to be precise.

All that remains to do is PT, spray tan and then get ready. That's it!! Woohoo!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Last pre hol PT tomorrow - last chance workout

Tomorrow is my last chance workout. My final PT before my hol. I can only imagine what torture he will put me through to make it last the week I am away!!

Why do I put myself through this? A huge part of me just wants a takeaway and a glass of wine, my thinking being its not going to make any difference now, but the other part of me thinks - don't give in now. But which will it be? Even I don't know right now, but am going to try and be good. For tonight anyway.

Tomorrow night? Well, lets see what tomorrow brings :)

24 hours to go!

In 24 hours from now, or just over, I will be in the final stages of hol preps. You know - the shower, the make up, do my hair, wash off the spray tan. But that's tomorrow.

Today I have endured a full leg wax and bikini - ouch!! Lovely smooth pins now though. So that's done.

Before work, I ex-foliated all over, in preparation for my spray tan tomorrow.

After work, I headed for the beauty salon once again to have my acrylic nails done. They are lovely. A deep bright pink, with pink glittery polish on each ring finger. Very pretty and holiday esque.

I have been to boots and got my suncreams, my medical bits and bobs, some extra travel plugs and toiletries, and they are now all packed.

All that now needs to be packed is my jewellery, my make up and my hairdryer and straighteners which I can't pack until I have gotten myself ready tomorrow night.

Taxi coming at 2am to pick us up. Am in that slightly nervous phase right now, convinced I am going to forget something. This is unlikely given that I have 25KG and appear from the look of my case to have packed everything but the kitchen sink!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Mini pedicure - done

I have pumiced. I have filed. I have trimmed. I now have soothing peppermint cream on my tootsies, with a sock on each foot to help it absorb.

You might wonder why am I doing this? I shall tell you - my feet pre - mini pedi at home, were an embarrassment.

This little exercise was prompted by trying my shoes on for holiday earlier today. The amount of dead skin on the soles and heels of my feet was awful to behold. All hardened and discoloured.

Normally, I would head to the chiropodist, but I have run out of time, so it was a home effort or nothing.

So I have worked away with my ped egg and file until they looked and felt much smoother. Then plastered on the cream.

Hopefully, if I keep my socks on all night, by tomorrow when I wake up my feet should look much improved and not like trotters!

Tonight's PT - arghhh!!

Well after a weekend of not really doing much exercise, it was back to PT this evening. Thankfully, I was on leave today so at least I didn't have a day of work to exhaust me first, but boy it was hard work!

Even with fresh legs from a bit of a rest (house work and packing aside) it was a slog. This evening's session consisted of:

  • Dumbbell clean and sweeps with weight 10 3 sets of 15 reps
  • cross trainer intervals in between sets of weights at 80RPM on level 10 for 90 seconds
  • Bar flip and thrusts - 3 sets of 15 reps
  • Rowing at fast pace for 2 mins x 3 reps
  • Full sit up with elbow to knee twists 20 reps x 3 sets
  • Rotating side plank - 20 reps x 3 sets
  • Hill run intervals
Lots of cardio tonight, which is what I needed. I have felt sluggish and bloated so it was good to sweat some off. I am tired now, but I do feel better for it. I always do when I survive a session! 

Hopefully,  I will see the benefit on the scales before I go. They aren't behaving at the moment which is frustrating. I want to look nice on holiday, and still got one more PT to go - 2pm on Weds which truly is a last chance workout! :)

PT later :(

Gosh, today is hard. I am ironing. I have PT later. Urghhh. Really not in the mood for either today.

However, I was naughty yesterday, so today is my punishment. PT = punishment. It is going to kill me.

If it means I am a little slimmer for my hol this Thurs, then great. I still do not feel like it though. No siree. Not one bit. Pah. :(

Suitcase nearly packed!

I have been very busy this morning. Trying on clothes, packing them, deciding what shoes to take, getting my travelling outfit ready. I have chosen the jewellery I taking, packed my undies and bikinis and have made a solid start on the toiletries.

I can't finish packing as I still have to buy a few last minute things - namely sun cream and shower gel type of thing. They shall be purchased tomorrow, packed tomorrow evening, and then I am done!

I have upped by baggage allowance this time - to 25KG. I get fed up of the panic worrying if its under 20KG or not, so I thought stuff it - just pay for more. It was too bad actually - £12.50 for an extra 5KG.

Just got to sort my hand luggage, check the passports 3 million times (I have passport checking issues), charge up my kindle and I'm ready to go.

Only problem is, I don't actually go until Thursday. I want to go tomorrow - I will be ready tomorrow. Well, apart from my spray tan. Which is essential, so I guess Thursday is soon enough!

An afternoon of ironing - oh joy

I am on leave today, and have already done lots - feeling good about that. However, now comes the hard bit - the ironing. Oh how I hate it.

To soften the blow, I have popped a film on to keep me entertained and relieve the monotony!!

It will be a good feeling when its done, but I hate ironing!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Post Pampering - skin looking sparkly :)

Yesterday afternoon, I had me a pampering session. I had five steps - you can see them on separate posts by clicking these links below:

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five

I also have me a new page - you can check it out here.

Back to business. My skin has been really congested and dull - after yesterday's session, its not clear - that would be a miracle! But it is smoother, feels better and apart from still looking blemished looks healthier.

Next step is a new skincare regime. This won't be so much a one afternoon session - more a change of routine long term. I shall post on that later. For now, I have enjoyed my pampering, and there will be much more of it to come. I am going to look after myself :)

Battle of the bulge - disastrous

Its Sunday. I go on holiday in 4 days time. This morning, my weight has shot back up again. I'm so fed up - bloated and doughy feeling right now.

I know that a couple of pounds from where I wanted to be isn't the end of the world in the grand scheme of things, but its just so frustrating.

So for the next four days I am cutting out bread and alcohol. I'm detoxing, so lets see what difference it makes.

New page alert - Pampering!

I have news. Yes, I love music - first and foremost. And I do love a good movie and a great holiday.

But you know what? As a woman, I do not like to be defined so narrowly, so I have added a new page to my blog. All about beauty and pampering - check out my first dip of a toe into this field on my new page Pampering.

I'm not vain - if you want proof you only have to check out my body Gallery. I'm not a particularly brilliant dieter - proof here .

But I don't see why I can't have a broader remit than is the norm. Us ladies are all of us complex. So are you guys, but I wouldn't dare to try and blog about what makes a guy tick - not my area of expertise!!

So, I just wanted to let you know. Enjoy :)

4 Days until hols!!

Apologies for the late posting, but I just realised its 4 days until my holiday!!! Yes, that's right, 4 days - count them:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
Thursday = Lift off!!! Woohoo!!

Few things to sort out first of course - car repair (courtesy of someone reversing into it), leg wax, acrylic nails, spray tan, 2 x PT sessions and of course packing!!

Excited though!! :)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

An afternoon pampering - Step 5 - Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask

My final step of this afternoon's pampering session was the Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask:

This is my well used Elemis mask and it smells gorgeous. I always leave it on slightly longer than it stipulates as my skin feels mega soothed afterwards. It goes on white, and dries smoothly. I remove it with damp tissue and then just leave my skin soft. It doesn't need any moisturiser afterwards which shows how good it is.

An afternoon pampering - Step 4 - No 7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask

Step 4 was the No 7 Beautiful Skin Energising Mask :

This is a lovely smelling peel off mask. I do like them, they make you feel like you are lifting the rubbish off with the mask. It went on easy - not to sticky, and dried evenly making it very easy to remove. My skin didn't feel dry or tacky, just smooth and cool and ready for the final step.

An afternoon Pampering - Step 3 - Clarins Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask

Step 3 of my afternoon of pampering focused on my eyes. I used the Clarins Skin-smoothing eye mask:

I have noticed that I'm getting some loss of elasticity under my eyes - a curse of getting older I suppose, so I wanted to focus some effort on that area. I applied this, and my eyes felt instantly cooler and soothed.

After I took it off - again with cotton wool, my eyes looked less puffy already. They still feel less puffy now, although I couldn't see any difference in the lines (well, that was to be expected!). Lovely product though, smelt lovely and had a nice texture.

An afternoon pampering - Step Two - No 7 Uplifting Firming Mask

Step Two was the No 7 Uplifting Firming Mask. This followed on from Step One - No 7 Pore Vacuum Mask.

Another choice from No 7, and for all skin types, this was a lovely thick moisturising face mask. After the clay mask my skin was ready for some moisture. I left it on, relaxed and then wiped it off with some cotton wool. 

My skin felt soft and smooth and was really nice feeling. I left it a little while before Step Three to really let my skin feel the benefit of this one. It also reduced the reddening down. 

An afternoon Pampering - Step one - No7 Pore Vacuum Mask

As I have already said, I spent this afternoon pampering. Step one was this:

This very battered looking bottle contaings Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin - Pore Vacuum Mask. Its for all skin types, and its a great mask but be warned - its a messy one this one.

Its thick and clay like texture goes on thickly, and being a dark green leaves you looking a bit like Shrek!

It dries hard, and takes a lot of washing off, and my skin was quite red afterwards, but felt squeaky clean. Perfect as it was ready for Step 2.

Singles of the Week - a look back

Singles of the week:

Zhu - Faded
Milky Chance - Stolen Dance
Rixton - Me and My Broken Heart
Budapest - George Ezra
Little Mix - Salute
Lana Del Rey - West Coast
Indiana - Solo Dancing
Coldplay - Magic
Kaiser Chiefs - Coming Home
Katy Perry - Dark Horse feat Miley Cyrus - Feelin Myself
Vance Joy - Riptide
Gorgon City - Ready for your love (feat MNEK)
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat Jess Glynne)
Lorde - Royals - My Single of the Week
Happy - Pharell Williams
Wrecking Ball Live Lounge - London Grammar
Wilkinson - Afterglow
Sail by Awolnation

Looking back at my choices for single of the week, some have been massive hits, some more under the radar - but the good thing is that I absolutely love all of them, still. Which is excellent. Why don't you take a listen and check out my reviews? Each title is a link, so enjoy and Happy Listening. :)

My Single of The Week - Zhu - Faded

My single of the week is Zhu - Faded. This is a real slow tempo dance pop track, but a real deep bass sound to it.

Its got a sound and pace to it that really reminds me of dance tracks that used to play when I used to go clubbing back in the 90's. I think its a real chill-out track for the summer. It takes me to a place where I feel tranquil and happy.

This artist is all about the music. There is no information about who they are and I have searched. I think that is kind of cool to be honest. True to the music. Quite rare.

This is a very electronic sound, and futuristic. I love the slow, husky lyrics and vocals. You can just imagine yourself swaying to it somewhere hot - life Cafe Mambo or somewhere hot and cool.

I love the lyrics - "baby, i'm wasted, all i wanna do is drive home to you". The video is black and white, smoky and totally rocking.

This is a truly fabulous track, and its really stuck in my head. This should be out to download now, so I shall certainly be downloading it. Its an amazing track. Go take a listen and let me know what you think.

For more music stuff, check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

Day of Pampering

I'm having a pampering day. My skin is really dull and broken out at the moment. Today, I decided to do something about it.

I have shopped for a new skincare regime, I have spent the afternoon doing an assortment of masks and treatments. I hope this will make a difference. Will post later on what I have purchased, and what I have used. Right now, I have the final treatment on, so once this is washed off I shall post more on my activities.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Its raining this weekend - pah!

I have just listened to the weather forecast for the weekend coming. Its not looking good folks.

Apparently we are in for some rain. This means indoors activities will need to be considered. For me, that's not a problem - I have packing to do of course. (Thought I would just get that in there).

However, there is lots you can do when the weather doesn't play nicely. You can read a book, play a card game, watch a good film or boxset. Or for something more active, you can play on the Wii or twister (bit retro) or do a mini workout in your living room.

You could play hide and seek with the kids, or paint and draw. You could play guess who or charades. you could do yourself a mini pampering spa session - face masks, body scrubs, massages.

You could set up a DIY nail bar and do yourself a mini mani or pedi. You could do those niggly things you keep putting off - you know the sort of thing - that squeaky hinge, or that limescale on the taps. You could catch up with friend, have a coffee morning, and bake a cake!!

Basically, the rain isn't an issue so don't let it put you off from having fun. Enjoy :)

Contemplating botox!!!

I had my haircut yesterday and alarmingly, as a result of my fringe being cut, I can now once again see my frown line. Its right between my eyebrows and goes straight up like an exclamation mark going "attention me" "attention me".

Its doing my head in. It makes me so self conscious. I am therefore contemplating botox or some sort of treatment to try and get rid of it or at least stop it getting worse.

I am 38, so its normal to have a few lines, and overall I haven't had too much of an issue with ageing. This furrowed brow though is another issue altogether, and I want to do something about it.

So I ask you this - have you had botox and if so where? Did it work? Did you have any side effects? Let me know, as need to do some research on this before jumping in.

6 Days to Go until hols :)

I can mark them off now. The tasks done that is. 6 days to go though, and lots still to be done.

I had my haircut yesterday, so looking groomed in that area. Still got waxing, spray tan and nails to be done.

Today its the gym and tomorrow PT - last chance workouts in the words of Biggest Loser. Chance to get those last few pounds off if I can.

Let you know later how it goes. What are you up to today? :)