Tuesday, 28 October 2014

3 Days until the keys!

I just realised that its now only 3 days until we get the keys!! Oh my, 3 days.

My head is crammed with ideas and jobs to be done, but instead of stressing me I am just plain old excited.

I have a lot to do mind you. The insurance is sorted, cashback cock up aside. Grrr. But the list is still long.

Removal men, moving boxes, emptying the garage, painting at the new house, cleaning the old one. Phewf.

This on top of all the address moves - I've made a start at least. Getting meter readings, changing everything over.

Not to mention the new stuff we need. I want to replace the pillows, duvets etc.. as we have a new mattress for one bed, and a brand new bed too, so don't want crappy old pillows!! That's tonights task. Assuming I am still compus mentos enough after PT!

Busy busy, but happy :)

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