Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Awake, up and refreshed after my early night :)

My goodness what a difference in me this morning. Yes, still not thin- you don't sleep your weight off in one night! (I wish).

However, this morning, for the first morning in a good long while, the alarm went off at 7am and I got up at 7am. So far, I am showered, washed, moisturised, gym bag packed, work snacks packed, breakfast done, vitamins taken, Berocca waiting.

This at just 7.20am. I couldn't face the scales - that can wait for another day. However, with PT tonight and tomorrow, by Thursday the weight should be showing improvement.

Last night I was off the booze. Not a drop, as it was getting too much of a habit. Its the calories more than anything, followed by how bloated and dehydrated it makes me. So staying off it again tonight too.

This morning I feel properly awake. Its a good feeling. :)

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