Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cars full of boxes - ready to roll

We finished work, came home and the hard work began. The physical work. First up, the 4x4 was loaded up with as many boxes and stuff as we could fit into it.

Next, it was the other half's car. Both are now packed to the rafters, and ready for the big day tomorrow.

We should, all being well, and according to the bank, their estate agent and the solicitors, be able to collect the keys by 12 noon. That's less than a day away now!!!!

The garage is almost half empty now, and everything is planned. Boxes are labelled, and depending on the label, depends where its going to be put tomorrow!!

I feel restless now - I want to be in that house, not this one. Just one more night, I keep telling myself. Just one more, then its ours. :)

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