Monday, 27 October 2014

Got to start this diet again you know :(

I sit here of an evening, typing away, doing my thing. Most evenings, I feel pretty positive. Most days, I love life, love my life, and am happy.

My weight though, directly correlates to my mood and positivity. I feel over weight and its making me feel miserable.

Its not even about appearance, its everything. I get in the shower, and I feel like a hippo wading in the water hole. I get dressed and feel like a frump. I go out and feel rolls of fat and I hate it, hate it hate it.

I need to work out how to get my head on right. Eating is just the physical part. Its the emotional part of me that's at the wheel at the moment.

I have this constant battle of eat it because it tastes good, or don't eat it and remember how good slim feels. Taste is winning at the moment, and am at a loss how to get myself motivated again.

Any tips ?? x

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