Saturday, 18 October 2014

I love music - I do not love Cheryl

Goodness me. I do not normally take the opportunity to slate people like Cheryl, but dear god woman.

She came from a show like this, but she's so awful and so critical and to be honest, I do not like her new stuff at all. She's got a little talent, for sure, but she's not one of the greats.

But she's a judge. So yeah, she should be able to criticise, its just that she's spouting garbage at the moment. Getting fed up of her.

So glad Simon's back, but he shouldn't have bought Cheryl back. She is not a good choice. A few years ago, she was top of her game. But she's over-boiled now and I am so over her. A new choice would have been better - someone genuinely talented - Paloma Faith, Taylor Swift, Jessy J - no end of talent.

Sad to post this, but Cheryl - you just ain't cutting it this time babes. :(

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