Monday, 20 October 2014

I've had a fabulous time, but now its over :)

Yes, its been great. Wonderful in fact. Thoroughly enjoyed it. But now its over.

Yes, the diet begins - again. I have eaten, I have drunk, I have nibbled, I have noshed. If its stood still, I have eaten it. If its been chilled, I have drunk it. Wonderful, fabulous weekend indeed. And now I'm here.

Monday evening and bloated to high heaven, feeling stuffed, gorged and utterly sated. Sporting the somewhat expanded middle to show for it too!!

Must reign it in again now - I have sold all my "fat" clothes, so running out of clothes to wear!! Don't think for one second that sounds good - if you saw the added girth currently, you would lose any illusion!!!

Diet tomorrow. :(

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