Monday, 27 October 2014

My blogging adventure - the story so far

A little over 12 months ago, I decided to have a go at blogging.  I posted my very first post and began to experiment with how my blog looked.

I must confess to having no idea what I wanted to blog about, or what, if anything, I could offer. I looked at the blogs out there that were successful and what they wrote about.

I noticed people labelled themselves as foodies, or blogging mummy's, or fashionistas. What I wanted to blog about didn't seem to have a label. So I blogged a bit more, and learned a few tricks and tips along the way. I learned how to link to other posts, how to create pages, and a little bit about promoting it.

12 months on, and whilst I wouldn't say my little old blog is a success as such, I would say its a real enjoyable habit now. I have discovered that I am probably a lifestyle blogger, if anything. I write a bit about music, about fashion, about dieting and just, well, life really.

I'm getting a bit of a structure and organisation now, but nothing onerous. I try to post my single of the week each wednesday, and my posts about what I'm watching on Thursdays. I am carrying on with choosing a new artist and reviewing seven songs in my week with, I'm now on week 17.

To be honest though, some days I blog a lot, some days a little. It depends what I'm doing, what catches my attention. Its like I am writing for me, about things I enjoy, and hoping that some of you will enjoy it too.

I enjoy writing, always have, and I find blogging a really rewarding activity. Its not about how many followers for me, its about enjoying it, and learning new things and getting better at it. Here's to my little blog - The Eternal Hopeful. That's me you see. I always have a goal, a plan, a to do list - Eternally Hopeful. :)

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