Friday, 24 October 2014

My packed full schedule!!

Crikey have I got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me!! This, in addition to work and life in general, not to mention all manner of cleaning, moving and trips to and from the new house and the old one!!

PT today - Friday.
Sleigh bed being collected on Saturday (sold)
Pick the new washing machine and get it ordered - Saturday
Buying loft boarding and new pillows and duvets - Sunday
PT - Tuesday
PT - Wednesday
Load up the first of the boxes - Thursday
Keys to new house - Friday
Start the painting at the new house - Friday
Get the loft boarded - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Removal man - Monday
Bed arriving - Tuesday
Sky engineer - Wednesday!!
Unpack everything the other end (goodness knows how long!)
Thurs - Sunday - totally empty the house and clean top to bottom before handing the keys back!!

Its going to be tough!! I cannot however wait to be in there now. 

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