Thursday, 30 October 2014

My single of the Week - Ben Howard - I Forget Where We Were

My single of the week this week is from the lovely Ben Howard with his new song ' I Forget Where We Were'.

I am a little obsessed with this somewhat melancholy sounding single from Ben Howard. Its the lead single from his album of the same title, which was released this month, October 2014.

Information on this single is a little sketchy. Its been on Radio One's playlist this week, so I can only assume its a new single, but can I find the release date? Nope.

What I can tell you is that this is a beautiful, melancholy, guitar filled lullaby-esque output, totally different to his first album outputs. I'm not sure its going to be a huge hit, as its quite non-mainstream.

You can listen to it by clicking on this video. There isn't an official video yet, but you can here this lovely song.

Ben's vocals are haunting. This is such a move away from his first album. Its melancholy, but not 'make you sob into your hanky' sad.

I was going to post this earlier on Weds evening, but have been trying to get more information. I nearly changed my mind and picked a different single, but have stuck with it as I love it far too much.

I shall post more when I can find more. In the meantime, you can also check out My Music page by clicking here. Happy listening :)

video published on youtube by BenHowardVEVO (official audio)

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