Saturday, 25 October 2014

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Six - Sweet Nothing

Right then, day Six of my Week with Calvin Harris and today its 'Sweet Nothing'.

Sweet Nothing was released in 2012. It features Florence Welch - she of Florence and the Machine. It was the fifth single from his album 18 months, also released in 2012.

Now lets start with Florence. Dead god that woman can sing!! Her vocals are just awesome. Apparently Calvin chose Florence and practically had to pursue her to try and get schedules to fit! I for one am very glad he did, as the result is mind-blowing!! Calvin was part of the team that resulted in the Florence and her machine single 'Spectrum', so its no surprise that he wanted a piece of that.

This song, a dance track with a thumping bass, is the perfect vehicle for Florence's particular vocals. This song was made for her, and she for it. Florence own music never seems to be so current, so mainstream, and I am surprised how well she suits this, but it sounds so good.

The video is brilliant too. Florence on stage, a bit 'androgynous' in a suit and her hair scraped back. Its some sort of seedy bar where girls serve drinks dressed in their lingerie. Soon enough, she's stripping down to her undies herself and belting out the vocals. Calvin is in it too, and they both look fabulous. The story seems to be her break-up with a violent guy who actually gets his comeuppance.

Unsurprisingly, this hit the top spot in the UK singles chart. I loved it then, and I love it now. Go take a listen, and let me know what you  think.

If you missed Days 1 - 5, and for loads more music stuff, go check out My Music page by just clicking here. Happy listening. :)

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