Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Week with Calvin Harris Day Two - Acceptable in the 80's

Day Two of My Week with Calvin Harris and today's single is 'Acceptable in the 80's'.

This is one of the first tracks I recall hearing by CH. It was released back in 2007. It was taken from his debut album, I Created Disco, released the same year. This single really set the scene for the phenomenon that was Calvin Harris with his quirky sounding dance/pop/disco beats and electro pop sound.

Acceptable in the 80's reached the number 10 spot in the UK single chart. Scottish born Calvin again uses his own vocals here, and also features in this video.

The video, as befits a song referencing the 80's is bright, plastic and fake - just like the 80's themselves!! Lots of weird stuff too - such as removing plastic toys from a stuffed animal, and huge hair of course!! Calvin looks really young here - thankfully he has evolved into a much more stylish guy these day.

The vocals are a bit high pitched, and the electro noises are a bit squeaky, but its the very fact that it is quirky that made it a stand out, and still sounds identifiable now. You could say he was probably still experimenting at this point, but make no mistake this is a good track.

Not sure this is going to be my favourite this week, but its definitely a great track. Go take a listen, and drop me a comment to let me know what you think.

If you can't wait for the next one, you can check out Day One over at My Music page, along with loads more music stuff by clicking here. Happy listening :)

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