Monday, 27 October 2014

My Week with Justin Timberlake Day One - Cry Me A River

Day One of My Week with Justin Timberlake and to start us off its 'Cry Me A River'.

Cry Me a River was the second single from Justin's debut solo album, Justified. The single and the album were both released in 2002.

JT co-wrote the song, which was produced by Timbaland. Its well known now that this track was written in reference to JT's failed relationship with Britney.

Justin has already earned his credentials as a vocalist when he released this, but by gosh he sounds pitch perfect on this, and there are some serious high notes!! Its not just another pop release though, he really established himself as an artist in his own right with this album, and this song in particular.

The style is like a pop style of R&B, more funky than full of bass, but the same vibe. Justin doesn't sound like the usual R&B singers though, he brings a definite edge and coolness to it.

Its very clear though, from the lyrics, that this is about heart break and hurt. You can feel it in the words, and you can hear it in his voice. Its a pop number with a dark brooding pulse this one.

"Told me you loved me, why did you leave me all alone." He kicks in with it "you were my sun, you were my earth". "Your bridges were burned, and now its your turn to cry". Pretty raw stuff.

The video is one of the best I have seen. JT, looking lets face it, pretty damned hot even then before he became so stylish and groomed. Standing in the rain, he breaks into the property by throwing a stone at the window. Its his exes place, and he vents his anguish.

Its a little creepy, as she doesn't know he's been in there. By the end though, she knows - he has left a video of him with his new girl. Quite apparent that he was the victim of her betrayal and is getting his own back.

I love this song, love the video, and to be honest, love JT a little bit. Its refreshing that he chose to go down this path, rather than just do cheesy predictable pop like others from boy bands have tried to do. He stood out as a talent here.

Fabulous song, not dated one bit. Go take a listen now. Drop me a comment if you will.

Cannot wait for Day Two, but if you can't either, there is plenty more music over at My Music page to keep you good. Just click here. Happy listening. :)

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