Friday, 24 October 2014

My Week with So Far - start to finish

Here are my 16 choices so far for 'My Week With'. Its been interesting, and fun. I have found some real gems I had forgotten, some new (old) tracks I had never heard, and I now know much more about these artists than I did.

Week 16 - Calvin Harris 
Week 15 - Madonna
Week 14 - Arctic Monkeys
Week 13 - REM
Week 12 - Coldplay
Week 11 - Britney
Week 10 - The Rolling Stones
Week 9 - Rihanna
Week 8 - Robbie Williams
Week 7 - Kings of Leon
Week 6 - Pink
Week 5 - Take That
Week 4 - Beyonce
Week 3 - Oasis
Week 2 - Stereophonics
Week 1 - Blondie

The most difficult part of this whole experience has been choosing the next artist. There are so many great artists out there, that just picking one is hard.

I full intend to keep going with this, to build up a library of my week with choices, and my favourite within for each.

I really do love music. If you do too, go take a look at my page here.

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