Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sky Engineer booked - cross them off the list

Another one off the list - say hoorah!! Yep, this house buying / house moving business is a big deal, lots of stresses and strains, but finally the good bit is starting.

I found out today that my new house has a name. I've never lived in a house with an actual name before!! It has a house number, but it also has a lovely name. Fabulous!!

Back to the point. I have this huge long, long list as long as my leg if you will, of things to do. Including setting up the Sky installation. We have Sky here, but there is no dish where we are going.

So two engineers now all booked - telephone engineer and the Sky guy. Ooh its getting exciting now - TV will be set up and broadband!!

Getting there. Definitely getting there now!! :)

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