Thursday, 23 October 2014

What I'm Watching This Week

This week I am watching:
  • Dead Set. This is a five episodes mini series from Charlie Brooker. Think Big Brother crossed with 28 days later. Reality TV and Zombies. Starring Davina McCall as herself back when she was still BB host, the role she plays here until she gets zombiefied!! The main star is Jaime Winstone (yes, Ray's daughter). She plays Kelly, who works behind the scenes on the BB set until the epidemic strikes and everyone gets turned into a fresh eating zombie of course!! Its on Sky Boxsets especially for Halloween, and we are working through them. Be warned - this is gross, gruesome and not for kids or squeamish types! 
  • The Apprentice. My absolute favourite program continues to be fabulous. Its on Wednesday's at 9pm, and this week's episode saw the demise of 2 more candidates. One of them didn't even need bringing back in, she had a melt down on the spot and advised a clearly taken aback Sir Alan that she knew she hadn't done well. Had she not been fired, this one would have resigned, not a doubt. I love watching these so called entrepreneurs making utter prats of themselves, all ego, tailoring and attitude!! Karen Brady and Nick Hewer are brilliant aides to Sir Alan, with the sarcasm and facial expressions! Fab. 
  • The Leftovers. This series is getting deeper by the week. Hate crime, murder, weird cults and that's even without the mysterious disappearances years earlier. Not making much progress on what happened, but its becoming ever more intriguing. You have to concentrate on this one, as its easy to get totally confused as to what is going on. Justin Theroux is outstanding. Brooding, confused over his wife's behaviour and the cult she is a member of "The Guilty Remnant", he is trying to keep it together. Really interesting and weird in equal measures. I'm liking this a lot, even if I have no clue where its heading! 
  • The X Factor. Cheryl wearing strange Kermit the frog clothing and behaving like a spoilt child. Simon - a welcome return to the show, still bringing that extra something to the panel. Louis with his daft comparisons, and Mel with her sense of humour. I love this show. Totally over Cheryl mind you, she seems to be like a nasty version of her previous self, but the talent this year is high. That's the important bit. Brilliant watching, brilliant guest stars, brilliant talent. Utter fun. 
As well as all of the above, I'm getting Halloween ready watching spooky movies this week. Also just one week away from the new series The Missing which starts on the 28th October. TV is great at the moment. 

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