Thursday, 30 October 2014

What I'm Watching this Week

This Week I am watching:

  • The Missing. The first episode of this new drama started this week. Starring James Nesbitt, its all about their son going missing whilst on holiday in France. Its started brilliantly, but its very dark and brooding, as you would expect given the topic, but its been done well, not over the top. Nesbitt is fantastic as the father, but all the supporting actors are brilliant. Totally flawless, and you can't help but be moved. 
  • Coronation Street. The aftermath of Peter's conviction and that shock confession. Compelling viewing this week. I do find it far-fetched that Deirdre wouldn't be at her own daughters' wedding though. Good to see a face from the past in the form of Cilla - Ches and Fizz's mum. Corrie is great at the moment. 
  • Lost. We are now half way through series 2 and things are getting weird. The others are coming on strong now. A weird computer inside the hatch, that has to have Hurley's lotto numbers input every few hours. Weird black smoke, more survivors from the other side of the island. Babies, pregnancies - all fascinating if totally confusing. I am enjoying it immensely!
  • Homes under the Hammer. Probably because home moving is on our minds, but we have been watching loads of these. Ideas for what you can do with homes to inspire us. Its a fascinating look into the auction world. 
  • Halloween scares - watching lots of scary stuff - well , it is Halloween tomorrow ! 

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