Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Everything is wrapped. Ready for my dinner now.

This evening was a grueller. Finished work at 5pm, then battled my way through the traffic to pick up a reserve and collect gift.

From there, it was onto Tesco for a few "bits". An hour and a half later, £200 + spent, I emerged - frazzled and annoyed. So many people, so many empty shelves where stuff should be. Stuff that I needed. Stuff that was on my list.

It was like armageddon not Christmas was looming. I mean c'mon - the shops are open again in 2 days!! Some even on Boxing Day!!

I made it home for about 7.30pm. Then it was stripping the bedding and sticking in the wash. The other half had done a sterling job of the cleaning, all bar the hoovering.

So it was onto the wrapping. First up though, a bit of furniture removal. G has had a lovely silver dressing table with mirror, so we set it up in her room. However, the drawer set she had already, is the matching silver one. So I wanted to find a place for it. We ended up moving the bed, the drawers - rearranging the whole room basically!!

Then it was the wrapping. Finally got done about 10.30pm. Now having a much needed glass of vino. I deserve it, as for once, Christmas Eve is to be enjoyed. Absolutely nothing left to do. Perfect :)

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