Thursday, 20 August 2015

My Film Reviews - Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell came out in 2009, but don't worry about it being a few years old, as it will still scare the pants off you!!

This one is directed by Sam Raimi (he of Evil Dead fame). The film is all about a bank worker Christine, played by Alison Lohman, who is brilliant in this. An old gypsy woman comes into the bank to extend her loan, but given no choice by her boss, as she wants to impress to get a promotion,  Christine has to refuse the woman's request.

Not impressed by this, the gypsy woman, Mrs Ganush curses Christine. When she leaves work, Ganush is waiting for her in the car park and attacks her. She tears a button off Christine's coat, and reaffirms the curse. Christine later goes to see a fortune teller with her boyfriend (Justin Long - Jeepers Creepers), who tells her he sees spirits haunting her in her home. That night, those spirits do indeed haunt her in some very scary scenes.

She desperately goes back to the fortune teller, who tells her that being in possession of the button, the cursed item, will draw the Lamia - a demon. He suggests a sacrifice, which Christine does. Her kitten. She even goes to try and find Ganush, but when she gets there, she finds the family having a wake for her death. Ganush is dead.

Things seem ok, so she goes to her boyfriends parents for dinner. At first, she is charming but then they think she is bonkers as the Lamia scares her with illusions and tricks that they can't see. Back to the fortune teller again, and this time they suggest a seance and the help of a medium with old ties to this demon. It doesn't work. The assistant is possessed, and the medium is killed.

Christine had just 3 days of being cursed before she is to be dragged to hell. In a last hope, the fortune teller seals the button in an envelope and tells Christine to must gift it to someone else, and in doing so pass on the curse. She tries to give it to her conniving work colleague Stu, but he is so pathetic and grovelling that she cannot do it.

She decides to find Ganush' grave and curse her with the button. As even after death, the soul lives on. She digs her up, falls into the grave, but manages to put the envelope in her mouth.

The next day, at the train station with her boyfriend, Clay. He brings out the envelope with the button in it - she had left it in his car - she had got the envelopes mixed up. Terrified, she backs away, falls from the platform into the path of the oncoming train. Before she can meet her end that way, hands come up from the ground and drag her down into hell. Clay is left on the platform holding the cursed button.

This is such a good, scary film. Another great scary choice, and one of the most unexpected scares there is. Not predictable, and not dated, just scary. Brilliant.

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