Saturday, 7 November 2015

Saturday night is alright at home

Tonight we have stayed in. We did plan to go out for a bit, few vinos and all that. But in the end, the rain, wind and dark nights put us off.

So what have we done instead? Well so far, we have watched some TV - namely, Come Dine With Me, Strictly and X Factor. As TV goes, Saturday nights are by far the best!

We have also had a glass or two, and, because we just felt like it, we have played 3 games of chess. So far, I am winning 2-1 incidentally.

We are going to watch a film after this, I'm hoping for something scary like Poltergeist or Insidious 3 - we shall see. And because we are having one of those unusual evenings, next up is Jenga!!

Yes, it is just me and the other half. Yes, we are grown ups. Yes, we love playing kids games! Saturday nights at home rule. End :)

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