Saturday, 5 December 2015

I love My Music

I am a lover of music. That's why you will find so much reference to and reviews of music.

First there are there 'My Week With' series of reviews, which I add to every month.

You can find previous weeks by checking out My Music page - click here.

As well as this, I love to choose a track that either about to be released or is already in the singles chart to review as my Single of the Week. You can also find them on My Music page here  - scroll to the bottom of the page.

What I'm thinking of adding is some playlists. Some song suggestions for the gym, or a jog, or just housework! Some songs are good for energy, some for relaxing - that's my next idea - more on that to come as I work out the details.

Then, I also add to my pages anything that has a great sound track - adverts, trailers and the like that I want to share or just remember.

Finally, I add anything about live gigs I have seen. Not much on this part - yet. A work in progress if you will.

As I said, I love my music, and I hope you enjoy My Music page. Let me know :)

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