Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My new single of the week - Adele 'Hello'

My new single of the week is the wonderful 'Hello' from Adele. Released at the end of October 2015, this has already hit the top spot, but I couldn't help but give this a spot on my single of the week list. Its just too good.

Taken from her third studio album '25' which has also hit the top spot, this is an astonishing, breathtaking track. Its Adele back to her 'Someone Like You' best.

Its a song that resonates. Powerful ballad, piano and drums, with beautiful soaring vocals. Lyrically its powerful - looking back from the other side. Haven't we all looked back from the other side on occasion?

Based on the album title, I'm assuming Adele is looking back at her younger years from an adult perspective. Maybe previous love or loves, to say sorry. Maybe its just reflecting back on the friends you leave behind.

For me, approaching 40 as I am, its just as powerful, though my teens are far behind me now. This song is so epic, so uplifting, I believe it will touch you whatever age you are and whatever point in life you are at.

Amazing song, worthy of single of the week. Wonderful. Welcome back Adele.

You can check out my previous singles of the week over at My Music page here. Happy listening :)

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