Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Been to the Gym tonight - bad start - forgot my pin. You know when you don't go enough when that happens!

I finally managed to drag my backside to the gym this evening. I had a shortlived return 2 weeks ago, but just haven't managed to get back since. Well tonight was the night. I returned.

I got off to a bit of a bad start, having totally gone blank on what my pin number was to get in!! It just removed itself from my mind. You really know you are not going enough when that happens!!

I had to log into my account and get it sent to me by email before I could even get in. Undeterred, I ventured in. I hate feeling so unfit, but once there, I was determined to put in a good effort.

Cue a 1 mile jog, after a bit of a warm up walk. Followed by 2 sets of abs, 50 cal burn on the stair master and 70 cals on the cross trainer.

That totalled 250 cals altogether, and got me far past my 10,000 steps a day target. Right now I am up to 11,824 steps to be precise.

I am tired now, and achy, even after a lovely hot shower but its a good feeling. I have returned to the gym, and feeling motivated. :)

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