Sunday, 17 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Its been a busy, but productive day today, so more positives to be had! It really is uplifting when you look back at the end of each day and think - wow - today has been a good day. I don't know if its coincidence or not, but since I started this project to be more positive, more positive stuff seems to be happening.

So today then - we had a lovely lie in, and woke up to a real winter wonderland outside. It snowed yesterday, but last night it came down heavy and it was a good few inches cover this morning. It looked beautiful.

Yesterday was a lazy day, but today was busy busy busy. We had lots to do. We loaded the washer, did the dishes, hoovered through - generally made the house all clean and tidy. It always is, but you know what its like - it has to be done. So that felt good when it was done.

Then we headed over to the father in law's place. He's not doing so well at the moment, so we gave his place a thorough clean and tidy too. By the time we left, it was sparkly and all organised. Everything right down to the cutlery drawer!! That accomplished two things - we felt good for doing that for him, and a bit of manual labour somehow lifts your spirits sometimes. Positive feelings abound.

From there, we went to get a few bits of shopping - stocked up on meat for the freezer - chicken, steaks and fish mainly. Loads of veggies too. No excuses now. Finally, we got some household stuff - handwash, soap - that sort of stuff.

Back home again, and the snow wasn't playing nice. The car just would not go up the drive. Then a wonderful thing happened. Two people walking by - a young man and a young girl, no older than 20 at most, stopped and asked if we needed a push. The car reluctantly skidded its way onto the drive thanks to them. What a lovely thing for them to do. I have no idea who they are - they must live on our street as there is nowhere to walk to from here, so when I see them next, I will thank them properly - I did shout thankyou from the car but it was so lovely of them.

So today we have done good things for someone else and in return someone else has done us a good deed. Now that is what I call positive. You see - positive actions lead to positive actions. Its all good :)

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