Saturday, 23 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Today was a very good day. It was weigh in day, and it was good news. It was very good news - 4lbs off!! Whoop!! Whoop!!

So off to a positive start, I had a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and healthy tea, and came in well under my daily weight watchers points. That means? Yes, you guessed it - enough points for a wee nip this evening!! Happy days. A lovely whiskey or two and no guilt. Very positive!!

I've spent today having a bit of a cyber sort out. First it was my Twitter accounts - its all bright, shiny and new now. I have lists, I am organised and it felt good.

Next it was my record keeping. Everything is now organised. I feel like I have a much better system in place now - very positive.

I've got up to date on my emails, my messages, everything really. I don't usually get the time. It was a rare opportunity.

Tonight, we have just chilled out. We are both tired, and we both just wanted to put our feet up. So we have. But only after getting a few more jobs done.

Its a good feeling when you feel more in control and organised. Very positive :)

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