Sunday, 24 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Its time for today's positivity post. First up - I can't believe I have managed just over 3 weeks and not missed a day. I have found something positive in every day and that in itself is amazing to me.

I had a lovely lie-in this morning. We really needed it, and it was so warm and cozy snuggled up, that we just stayed there a while. This is a rare occasion and my goodness it was lovely.

Once up, we had a healthy breakfast - cereal for me, and headed off out. We got a new microwave, which is fab!! The old one had gone a bit tatty looking and wasn't working too well. The new one is black and its fab!! Here it is:

We came home after seeing family, had some lunch and then got cracking. We got a few jobs done that we had been putting off. Tightening the loose tap in the kitchen, fixing the bracket on the lift up bed. You know - the little things that niggle at you. So once those were done, it felt good. 

I had a sort out of the filing drawer. We tend to pile stuff up - junk mail etc.. so today I purged. Everything all organised, put away where it should be, not piled up in the drawer. That felt good too. 

So now jobs are done, the house is clean, we have ourselves organised. The diet is going well, and things are good. Feeling positive. Again. Happy days :) 

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