Monday, 25 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Slightly random start today as I have an announcement. That announcement is "I have cheekbones"!!!

What?? Yes, you heard me correctly. My cheekbones are back. They've been MIA for a while now, courtesy of my expanded body mass in recent weeks. I was more "pilsbury dough girl" than "chiselled cheekbones" for a while there, but they are back and welcome they are. So that's a good positive for today!!

I'm in quite a good mood entirely today to be honest. I am not entirely sure why though. I can live with that though. I think losing weight helps, but its not the whole reason. I just generally feel like I am more in control of myself currently, and that's a nice feeling.

Take tonight - I got home, and got cracking on wrapping my ebay parcels. With that done, I prepped tomorrow's lunch packs for work, then got on with making myself a healthy tea. Whilst I was waiting for it to cook, I got down and did me some ab work. Good eh? I'm impressed anyway.

I've worked really hard today. I've got a lot done. Over the weekend, I've done some niggly things, like backing up my photo's, and sorting out my post clutter - just things that were bugging me.

Today I've really embraced the power of visualisation. I have literally been imagining myself and what I will wear, how I will look, at the point I reach goal weight. I actually feel like a weight has been lifted. I wish it was so easy to actually get the weight off, but even so, I feel better, I feel good.

Finally, I got changed out of my work stuff when I got home and shrugged on a pair of joggers. Over Christmas this very pair was tighter than tight, and I could just about tie the draw string waist. Tonight? Well tonight, I have had to pull the string tight to get them to stay up!! Result!!

Another day with positives. Lots of them today. Feeling good. And its a Monday!! Fabulous :)

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