Friday, 29 January 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up is the fact that I have been to the gym again. Three times this week - get in!!

I'm not sure I will have actually lost pounds this week, but I certainly am starting to feel healthier and less bloated. I have also stuck to my diet, and as a result, have a few daily points left for a couple of drinks this evening. Very positive.

Another positive today was the fact that I had a day off work!! Enough said on that. Everyone loves a day off.

More than that, the other half also had the day off, so we got to spend all day together, which was lovely. We get precious little time alone to spend as we wish, so it was a rare opportunity.

We started the day with a bit of a lie in, then got the house cleaned up - did a few jobs. Little things like taking the shower curtain down because it needed replacing. Once that was done, and it felt good, it was off to the gym.

Lovely hot shower after my workout and for once my hair and skin looked lovely and healthy so I felt extra good. We went for a coffee, bought a few things for the house, then got some lunch. It was really nice not having to rush around.

We then went for a drive out. We stumbled upon a farm shop a few miles away, so stocked up on steaks and meat for the weekend as we had family coming over. Then we carried on. We had one of those journeys where we found little villages not too far away that we had never heard of. I love little trips like that - its like a mini adventure.

Finally, we headed back and stopped off at Aldi for a few more bits then it was off home. I put up the new shower curtain and put things away. The other half finished off a few jobs, then the family arrived.

We all had tea together, and its been, all in all, a lovely relaxing day, with good company. Lots done, and feeling positive :)

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