Friday, 29 January 2016

Gym again today - third session this week! Get in :)

I had a day off work today. I decided a good way to spend it would be to go to the gym again. That's three times this week, and I am planning to go again on Sunday, making four. Excellent.

My legs are aching tonight, but it was worth it. Here is today's effort:

  • warm up walk on treadmill
  • 1 mile jog - still slow, but faster than my last attempt!!
  • Walk on incline until totalled 200 cal burned
  • 2 set of ab work including pulses and full sit ups
  • 100 cal burn on the stair master. 
In total, 300 cals of cardio plus some ab work - not bad the day after PT!  I keep looking at all these people with amazing bodies, and I've come to realise it takes work. Noone looks like that without effort, so if effort is required, then effort shall be made :) 

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