Monday, 11 January 2016

RIP David Bowie - I heard the news today, Oh Boy.

I heard the news today, oh boy. David Bowie, the legend, my childhood hero, has left us.

As a child of the 70's my parents were mad on Bowie, surpassed only by my own very young obsession with all things Bowie. I was fascinated by Ziggy Stardust, and I remember sitting with that fantastic creation on vinyl, memorising the words from the sleeve, constantly playing it over and over to be able to know the words off by heart.

He had style, he had flair. He was not defined by status, or limited to being a pop star, a rock icon, a celebrity. His career was as varied as his changing image, but he remained present. His star shone to the last.

I am so choked up right now, I feel almost as if I knew him, which of course, sadly, I was never able to. Goodness knows how his family and friends feel, when the rest of the world mourns him so.

RIP to the late great David Bowie. The Starman is back up in the heavens, shining down on us for always. x

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