Sunday, 31 January 2016

Today is going to be busy busy busy!!

Yesterday went a little bit off track on the diet front. I weighed myself in the morning, and it had gone up. I had tried so bloody hard all week, had nothing I shouldn't, been to the gym 3 times including personal training, and yet I gained a pound in weight. Humpf.

So I decided buggar it, and had exactly what I wanted to eat as a result. That being Spag Bol. Yum!! Today, by way of making it up, its going to be busy busy busy!!

I got up, and before even making breakfast, I decided to clear out the food cupboards in the kitchen. Its amazing when you do that how much you end up throwing away. Stuff that's got pushed to the back of the cupboards, empty packets etc... So now its organised and decluttered.

Next was breakfast, and now its month end comps. Last day of the month. I also need to get the house cleaned again after we've had family over the weekend. Two dogs and a two year old leave their marks!!

I want to get to the gym or do some exercise too today. I'm contemplating getting the Zumba out on the wii later, and possibly doing some abs, plus I need to start the beach body again today.

At some point, I also want to sort the fitted cupboards in our room, before the bedding goes away again. Said bedding also needs a wash, so that will be done today too. Phewf!! :)

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