Saturday, 23 January 2016

Twitter - reboot and refresh for the New Year

I am refreshing and rebooting my Twitter profile. It occured to me that my previous profile page was  swan in front of some random water. Not the most eye-catching or interesting and didn't have much of a bio on there either.

So off I went to update my page - see what you think here. @rahrah21 . I now have a profile pic of me and a snapshot from hols. Much better I think.

Which got me thinking - I don't really have my account very organised. Lots of random followings, no lists etc.. Well, after a bit of a cull of followings I can't recall ever adding, I am now adding sites I know, sites I use, and adding them to various lists.

I shall get organised!! I have also pinned a motivational pin for sticking to my main resolution this year - to become a skinny cow!!

Well - what else am I to do with a cold wet Saturday afternoon?

What are you up to today? :)

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