Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Valentines Diet Challenge

I have set myself a challenge for Valentines Day. Since the 4th Jan, I have now lost a whopping 10lbs. So I am off to a pretty impressive start if I do say so myself!!

However, I want to up the ante now, and have a goal in mind for Valentines Day. That is 2 weeks and 4 days away, or 18 days to be more specific.

Now, I want to lose 11lbs. that would put me under the next stone down. That would be totally amazing. That is also going some on the weight loss front. I would need to shift 3lbs this week, then 4lbs for the next 2 weeks. Huge challenge, but actually, its possible if I do not detract at all.

So that's the plan, it looks like this:

  • Sunday 31st Jan - 3lbs to lose
  • Sunday 7th Feb - 4lbs to lose
  • Sunday 14th Feb - 4lbs to lose
How on earth am I going to do this you may ask. Well firstly, stick to the weight watchers points as per my WW app. Currently 30 points per day, and 42 weekly points. Had a decent weight loss last week. No reason to think I can't repeat it. 

Last night I went to the gym. Tomorrow night its the return of the Personal Trainer. So that's 2 sessions leaving just one more to get in which is most likely going to be Friday. 

Next week its PT Tues and Thurs, and I want to get up to 4 sessions, and the same the week after. So in total 10 gym sessions. 

Every day I am building up my ab routine. Currently on 45 reps with 45 pulses. In addition, I start the 30 day beach body plan again from the 1st Feb, so I am maxing on the exercise. 

All in all, I hope if I don't quite get there, to at least get close. Half a stone would be the minimum, but 11 would be amazing. No harm in aiming high (or rather low)!! :) 

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