Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Game of Thrones. We have decided to start watching this right from the start. Several seasons to get through, but given all the hype, we thought - well lets give it a go. Right from the offset, it was brutal. People having their heads lopped off, lots of gore. Now on episode 6, its very adult - lots of nudity and sexual encounters, betrayals, murders, not to mention several animals meeting their brutal end. I have cried, I have winced, I have found it difficult to watch at times, but good god its good!! If you can get past the initial brutal start, its worth a watch. This is going to be a challenge and is certainly not for the faint hearted!!

  • Celeb Big Brother. I've been enjoying this series but last night was shocking. Angie Bowie received the news that David Bowie, her ex husband, had sadly passed away. She was, understandably, upset. I'm not her biggest fan - she's not come over particularly well so far, but even so, she was grieving. She told fellow housemate Tiffany and she was disgusting. She, for some bizarre reason, thought Angie meant David Guest. She was shrieking and crying and generally making a damned fuss, meanwhile poor Angie was left distraught. Even when she knew she was wrong, she was awful. How she has been allowed to remain after her despicable behaviour is beyond me. Great TV, but such a shame for Angie and her memory of hearing that news will be forever tainted by that silly bint.

  • Emmerdale and Corrie. I am loving both soaps at the moment. I cannot be doing with Eastenders. I've come to this point in my life where I just can't take anymore east end drama - its just depressing. Emmerdale is always exciting - always someone double crossing someone else, beautiful people, gorgeous country setting. Fab stuff. Corrie - other than Fizz who I actually can't be doing with anymore, Corrie is still brill. Kevin and Anna's romance is lovely. I was actually shouting at them to just kiss each other!! And they did. Very pleased with that. They both need some happiness. Yes, I know its not real. Its just great TV!! 

  • Grand Designs. Yes, I'm still a little obsessed with house building. I just keep thinking it could be us one day. I hope we get that chance, but in the meantime, watching these amazing properties develop from humble beginnings is nothing short of inspiring. I love it, and what;s wrong with having ambition? You have to aim high in this life. 

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