Monday, 1 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. Its Monday of course, but it is also the first day of February and that means Spring is not too far away. Nights are getting lighter, and today, it was even a bit milder albeit very windy. I kind of like that sort of day - blustery and bright. It blows away the cobwebs.

I nipped out at lunch today and bought some vacuum bags and a new mat for the back door. When I got home, me and the other half had a right laugh trying to pack the spare duvets and pillows into them, then hoovering the bags to suck the air out. Is it normal to really be quite thrilled at how small they get when they are vacuumed? Its like magic honestly! And now the cupboards have loads more space, as they take up so much less room in there. Fabulous invention.

I also did my ebay wrapping this evening and got everything organised. I'm feeling positive so its like I am a woman possessed with the urge to organise just now. I usually have a bit of spring clean but this year, there will be nothing left to clean or sort when Spring arrives. I will have done it all already!!

I've got my head back on right diet wise again too. The weekend went a bit off track, but I am back on the straight and narrow now, so that is very positive. Especially on a Monday!!

So there we go. Today's positivity post :)

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