Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up, I was off on leave this afternoon. So short day and that felt good. It shouldn't feel as good as it did, but there you go. I will take it where I can find it!!

So, I headed home after a meeting this morning, as the other half and G were off. We were going to go ten pin bowling, but it was booked up until tea time, so we went to the cinema instead. It was a brand new complex in our City, which had really comfy seats, with loads of leg room, so that was fab.

We went to see The Chipmunks - The Road Chip Movie. Fast and furry-ous. Obviously not my choice, but still - if it keeps the 10 year old happy, the fair do's. I have a confession though - it was brill!! Totally silly, totally light hearted - just what I needed!! I am a fan of Alvin. There, I said it :)

From there, it was over to Currys. The father in law needs a new fridge freezer, so we got that ordered. It arrives on Saturday. That will be great for him - his old one is past its best. So that was positive.

You want more? Ok then. We had fun in Currys browsing stuff we want- a big American fridge freezer, a curve TV, an induction hob and a double oven. I like doing that - it inspires me.

Then, back home - healthy tea. Been good again today, albeit carrying an injury. But, and here is the final positive for today - I can feel my hip bones again!! Hoorah!! They were MIA for a while there, but they are back in action. Good stuff and very positive :)

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