Sunday, 21 February 2016

Daily Positivity Post

Time for today's positivity post. First up, today has been a cleaning day. The windows are now beautiful and sparkly. To the point where my other half commented that it looked like there was actually no glass in them, so clean as they now are!! Fabulous.

I have done dishes, bleached sides, scrubbed and polished. The washing is done, the bedding changed - you name it, and with a slight hangover to boot!! Very positive. I love how the house feels when its all clean and freshly spruced up!

Another positive, is that we have booked an overnight stay for next weekend when we head off to see Harry Potter World. I cannot wait, and even more excited now we are staying over!! Whoop!!

Not sure if I feel positive about this next one or not - mixed feelings, but it is exactly one month today until my birthday. Its a big one, hence the mixed feelings. However, we are already making some lovely plans, and the goal now is to lose as much weight as possible before then. 1 month to go.

Today, I was also homework helper. Maths and English. Honestly, its so hard trying to remember, but if I'm honest, I am quite enjoying it!! I have long division down now!! I am a bit of a geek, so its quite good to get back to basics and rekindle my school skills. I have had to google several tasks - dividing fractions? Really? No clue. Had to really try and work it out, and considering G is 10, its tough stuff!! I am enjoying it though. And it feels positive to help G with this.

I've been putting my mind to how I am going to maximise how this body is going to look on holiday. I feel more positive now. I have a plan for my exercise, my diet - the whole shebang. So, from tomorrow, I am on mission beach body. Positive stuff :)

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