Monday, 1 February 2016

What I'm Watching this Week

This week I have been watching:

  • Celeb Big Brother. The crazy bonkers programme continues with no sign of the arguments abating. They are the most volatile group of contestants ever, but it makes for compelling viewing. I am loving it. And who knew Scotty T would be the hero of the piece? Shocking! 

  • Corrie. Pheelan continues to be his smarmy self much to Anna's discomfort. Jenny has put in an appearance on the street again. What havoc will she wreak this time around? Carla's secret is out of the bag. Will Nick find out? Drama drama drama, but so much less dark than 'Stenders which is too depressing by far for me of late. 

  • Benidorm. The new series is back. Its still funny, and I still like it a lot, but its just lacking some of the sparkly it once had. Still well worth a watch, and nothing even close to as entertaining on the box at the minute. 

  • Grand Designs and a Place in the Sun in equal doses. I am loving the designs and new builds - its the stuff of my dreams. But then a place in the sun makes me crave owning a second home some place warm and hot and beautiful. One day, if things go my way, maybe I might be able to do both!! Who knows, but for now, I am just enjoying watching other people live the dream. 

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