Monday, 16 May 2016

How to Stay Focused

How do you stay focused when you have a plan to follow or a goal to achieve? Just what is it that keeps you on track, focused and making progress and ultimately success?

Want to know? Read on for more.
Here are my top ten tips for remaining focused (in my case on my diet goals!)

1 - Set small, bit sized goals - don't overwhelm yourself

2 - Visualise you at your goal

3 - Reward yourself at each bite sized goal

4 - Set yourself a deadline but with a little leeway to avoid derailing if you slightly overshoot

5 - Share your goal with friends and family - their support is crucial

6 - Don't be afraid of failure - just get back up again if you do

7 - Surround yourself with inspiration - pictures of that bikini, or that holiday beach

8 - Use negatives as positives - can't see yourself succeeding? Imagine what will happen if you give up now

9 - Always remember that the harder you work, the more you will appreciate the results when you get there

10 - Do not let other people talk you down - its your life, your body.

Its always been my experience that other people don't intentionally try and sabotage your plans, but they never the less have an impact and not always a positive one. Comments such as "go on, let your hair down" when you say you are on a detox, or "one biscuit won't hurt" when you are on a diet, or even "lets go shopping and go for lunch" moments after you have mentioned that money is tight and you are working to a budget.

No matter what your goal is, people always have an opinion, so be up front with them. Tell them clearly not just what you are doing, but what it means to you. It might just help them to realise what they are doing and help you to be in control.

Visualising yourself wherever it is, doing whatever it is, or looking like you want to, is a powerful tool. If you can see it in your mind's eye, you are a step closer because now you believe it.

Using negatives can be equally persuasive if you are having a wobble. For instance, if you can't imagine yourself looking good in that bikini (my goal), then imagine what you will look like if you don't try. Feel good? Nope. Use that to drive you forward.

Maybe all these tips will work for you, maybe only one of them, but I find that at different points they all have their merits. Lets face it, anything that might help us reach our goals is worth a go. :)

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