Thursday, 19 May 2016

New idea - Chocolate Raclette!

Previously, I shared with you the joys of the Raclette. All those cheeses melted down - A-mazing.

I've used the machine many times, as its a favourite of my mums' but she bought one for me too and its been very well used indeed let me tell you!!

A thought has occurred to me though. Would anything else work on it? Like, well, I don't know - chocolate?

Imagine this - loads of different choccy bars or blocks. So I am thinking plain Galaxy or Dairy Milk to trial first. Break off a few blocks, whack it on the Raclette, wait until it melts then pour it over strawberries.

Ok, so that could work. Now lets be a bit more creative. I'm thinking toblerone, milka with praline and, let me just think for a second, ok lets go with a Caramac. The choc would melt, the nougat might go gooey - that could be amazing over something like meringue nests.

So next lets think of a Fruit and Nut Yorkie Bar, a Mars Bar and a Marvellous Creation bar of any flavour. What would that melt like? What could I pour it over? Mmm.

Lets go selection now. Lets go for a tray of Milk Tray, Thorntons Continentals or Black Magic. Pop a few different flavours on your pan and get creative! Pour over something like plain vanilla ice cream. Lovely.

Finally lets go extreme. I'm thinking combinations - a bit of milky bar, a freddo bar and lets see, a chunk of snickers all in one pan. What would that taste like over a sponge cake? Or a lion bar, a double decker and a Daim bar?

We could go international - belgian chocs, American Reeses Pieces, and a bit of Kinder? Perhaps even a Cadbury Cream Egg, with some haribo and some marshmallow pieces! On a pancake?

The possibilities are endless, but what strikes me is why I've not thought of this before!!

Challenge is on - what creations are you thinking of? If you give it a go, let me know!! :)

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