Sunday, 12 June 2016

New Single of the Week - This Girl - Kungs vs Cookin on 3 Burners

For my new single of the week, I have chosen 'This Girl' from Kungs vs Cookin on 3 Burners.

This is a real summer song. You can just imagine yourself dipping your toes in the pool, or paddling in the ocean whilst this song swirls around you taking you to a world of relaxation and palm trees. Sun, sand and cocktails. Yes ladies and gents, with this tune, summer has arrived.

Kungs is a French DJ, known for deep house. This track though, is much lighter, featuring what sound like trumpets, and is very uplifting and full of good vibes.

On this track, we also have Cookin on 3 Burners. They are an Australian street funk band and this was originally their song back in 2009.

The remix has kept the original vocals from Australian artist Kylie Auldist. It has however, added a more upbeat feel to it, adding more electronic beats and also brass. This is still though, full of soul and more than a nod in the blues direction.

The combination of an original blues song, updated and made bang on pulse has given us a real gem of a track. It really does get in your head and takes you some place good.

You may not have crossed paths with this fab song as yet so go take a listen. I challenge you not to imagine yourself on a beach as the breeze gently flutters your sarong!!

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