Monday, 6 June 2016

Retro single of the week - Radiohead - Karma Police

My new retro single of the week is the classic 'Karma Police' from Radiohead.

This is one of my all time favourites. Not least, because the video reminds me of one of the scariest films ever - Christine by Stephen King!! Not quite so sinister, but it features a car slowly following a man in the distance, getting closer and closer until he turns round and faces it. Then, noticing a petrol leak, he throws his lighter down, and the car reverses quickly the way it came, but too late - the flames reach it. Quite a dark video, but its a dark song.

Radiohead are an English indie rock band. 'Karma Police' is from their third album, Ok Computer. Radiohead are not what you might describe as mainstream, so for them, this single reaching number 8 was quite the hit single.

Released in 1997, this single was quite slow paced, featuring, as ever, Thom Yorke on vocals. The band formed in 1985, hailing from Oxfordshire. They are unusual, but this song in particular is an absolute classic.

It has lots of electronic sounds to it, and no discernible reasoning really. I'm not sure what 'Karma Police" actually means, but to me, I think it means if you mess with my karma, the karma police will come for you!! Maybe. Who knows!

For me, this song has everything. Great, if a little mumbled vocals, that become almost snarly!! Clever lyrics, electro sounds, clever video - I love this. The lyrics "he buzzes like a fridge, he's like a de-tuned radio" are the likes of which you don't hear often!! Odd but great lines like "her hitler hairdo is making me feel ill" feature in this song - its just the right amount of weird.

It helps that I am a Radiohead fan anyway. Their weirdness and unusual songs and words appeal to me, because its different. You can tell its 'Karma Police' from the second it kicks in.

If this is a new song to you, go take a listen and immerse yourself. Let me know what you think. If its not new to you? Why not remind yourself of it, and have a listen anyway.

You can find all my previous singles of the week, retro singles and loads more over at My Music page - just click here. Happy listening :)

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