Thursday, 16 June 2016

What I'm Watching this week

  • ACDC. Last Thursday, we headed off to Manchester to see ACDC fronted by Axl Rose. OMG my ears are still ringing!! Axl was great, the music was great - fantastic band, fantastic time. Highly recommended!!

  • Billions. This program just gets better. Its a tricky thing to pull off - rooting for the rich guy? Usually, you'd be thinking - yes, bring him down!! Not in this though. Somehow, you want Axelrod to win. Somehow, his money, makes you want to be him but not hate him. This is one of the best TV shows I've watched. Loving it so much, and just don't want it to end. 

  • Euro's. The football has me hooked. Daft fan behaviour aside. Just watching the Rep of Ireland game - so exciting!! To be fair, in this household, I don't get much say in whether we watch the green screen or not, so just as well I am enjoying it!! 

  • Corrie and Emmerdale. Dropped off Eastenders a bit at the moment. Its just too depressing. Corrie is nothing if not murderous!! Who'd have thought Tod would suddenly be the good guy? Comedy antics from Sally's conservatory - naughty Tim!! Emmerdale continues, in my humble, to be the best soap at present. Loving the whole love triangle storyline with Andy and Bernice and, and is Lawrence really in denial or was it just his past coming back to haunt him? Sure all will be revealed!!! 

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